Two: Movie Night

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<sigh> I was still kinda sad about the whole Ross thing as we pulled up into Alesa and Adam's house." (Y/n) you okay?" Jess asked as we got out of the car. "Yeah I'm fine just a little tired that's all" I said with a smile. I was really good at hiding my emotions.

"Oh hi (y/n), hi Jess" Alesa greeted us as she let us in. "So what movie are we watching?" I asked, hoping that it would be one that I liked so I could get my mind off the whole Ross thing. "I think it's between Pixels and Guardians of the Galaxy" Adam answered. "Well do we have time to watch both?" Max asked. "Yeah, but we just can't watch the movies too loud because Mason is asleep" Alesa answered. "I guess we wills starts when Ross get here" Barney said.

After 20 minutes of waiting we decided to just watch the movies without him. When we were half way through the first movie Ross arrived. "Hey Ross what took you so long?" Adam asked letting him and a thin blonde girl wearing a short white dress in. "Oh well at the last minute Rachel decided that she wanted to wear a white dress instead of the blue dress I got her and then on the way over she saw a necklace that would go perfect with it and so she had me buy it and then she decided the she didn't like it so uh yeah sorry I'm late" Ross said walking in and sitting down.

I felt bad for him that dress had to of costed at least $300 and she still didn't seem pleased with what she was wearing. After Pixels ended we found out that the other movie had been broken so we decided to just hang out and talk.

"So Ross how did you and Rachel meet?" I asked. "Well I was on omegle and we got to talking and well the rest I think you can find out" Ross said before kissing Rachel on the cheek, witch really burn my heart. (Does that make sense?)

Ross POV ( O-O )

(Y/n) looked cute in the outfit she was wearing (picture above) wait what was I thinking I have a girlfriend... I guess. Adam and the others always say she's just using me for my money and I can see how they could think that but I choose to buy the dresses.. Because she usually forgets her wallet at home, wait! She IS using me, I guess I'll just have to break up with her tomorrow.......

See I told you I'd get rid of her! Yay! I have all of this planned out.... Except I don't really know how they're gonna become boyfriend and girlfriend.. But if you have any suggestions just text me! Bye!❤️❤️

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