Cruel times

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Cruel times. Preface Hi, my name is Amanda Lilien Serten, Amy for short. I was born in London, England on Friday June 13, 1997, along with my identical twin sister, Alena Serten, who is older than me by a minute. I also have a older brother named Alec Serten, he is exactly a year older than Alena and me. Alena is gone, but Alec will always stay with me. I also have 2 cousins, Venessa Serten or V Serten, and Jerimaya Serten or J Serten. If that wasn't enough I have 2 adoption brothers, Drake Mavolo-Serten, and Justin Serten. My parents Susan and Charles Biers have been missing since the day after I was born, but they gave us to there friends before they left, Lilien and Jamison Serten. Right now I am 17, but I will take you back to the day of my 13th birthday. That was the day I found out that I was a very powerful and smart witch! Chapter 1: the beginning. Today was the day I turned 13, but even better I found out I was a witch, I live in Los Angeles,California you don't really get bored here, unless it's your 13th birthday and all your doing is sitting in front of the window waiting for it to be over! There I was waiting for my birthday to be over and out of nowhere 2 people are in front of me. A girl and a guy they looked nothing like eachother, the guy had black, short hair, glasses, green eyes, and he was waring a blue shirt. The girl had dark brown, long and straight hair, brown eyes, and she was waring a bright red shirt. "Hi, is your name Amanda?" the guy asked. "Yes, what are your names?" I said the guy and girl looked at eachother. "Jerimaya" the guy said. The girl waited paciently and said "Venessa" "I don't know you. Why are you here, and how do you know my name?" "Well, Amanda, you do know us, you probably don't remember, but venessa and I are your cousins. We are here because if we didn't find you we would lose are powers, and well I kind of already explained that Amanda Lilien Serten." "Wow, wow, wow, I'm your cousin? Powers? And I never told you my full name!" "Yes. By powers we mean I'm a witch, Jerimaya is a wizard, and you are a witch. Also like we told you, your family, were Serten's too!" "So, I'm adopted?!?" "Yes, but Jerimaya and I have been looking for you since we found out that we were magical. So, will you come with us?" 

"I want more of an explanation, before I agree to come with you. Why now, Why here, and if you are my family where are our parents?" "Those are good questions and they will all be answered when you come with us to, Hardhorn." "Venessa, right" "Yes" she interrupted "Is it like a regular school?" "No, it's a school for witches and wizards. So, will you come?" "ok, I will but I want to say goodbye to my friends first." "That's fine will us" they agreed. And we went to see my friends for the last time! Chapter 2: The goodbyes I called all of my friends and told them to meet me in front of my house. By the time everyone was here it was 6:00pm. I told them what was going on, like good friends, they where telling me it was my choice. Whatever I wanted, was what they said. I knew it was my choice but I felt like someone else was choosing for me, either way I would fell bad, for letting someone go on without me. "I...I...I chose..... both!" I said, as everyone was whispering to one another saying things like "How can she chose both?" or even "What is she thinking? She should just chose her brother and sister, and just give us away or leave us. Whatever she wants to do.""Amanda, we would love it if you came with us. If you don't the whole Serten family loses there powers! But, I mean, you don't have to." Jerimaya said well, um, great I have to chose between my family and my closest friends!" Before I tell you my answer I should tell you what I look like. My hair is long, wavy, and brown. My eye, some people would say that there a Lagoon blue rainbow, but that's only at certain angle in the light. Oh, and the last thing, I have a bright purple streak on a piece of my hair. Let's get back to the story, "I...I...I chose..." Everyone was getting closer and closer. "Come on Amanda, tell us!" Carly one of my best friends said. "I chose... Jerimaya and Venessa, guys I'm really sorry that I'm picking long lost family, that I barley know, compared to my best friends, that I've known like forever, but my family can't keep there magical powers without me. I hope you can understand." "Of corse we understand were your friends, we will support anything you decide." everyone of my friends said "Thanks everyone, I'll miss you guys, forever! Remember me, and I'll visit sometime." "Whenever you can." We walked away, and it was time for me to leave. Everyone came to say goodbye. "Amanda, goodbye." Carly said crying "Bye." Paula said, she hugged me and walked away, she didn't want me to see her cry. The other's Jimmie, Morgan, Lily, Rebecca, Rosie, Ashley, Larissa, Tyler, and Alix. They all said there goodbyes. Then my brother, Jerimaya opened what was called a portal to Hardhorn, if you were not paying attention Hardhorn is a witch and wizard school, that I am going to. I was nervous because, right after I wake up tomorrow, I am going to have to get to know all my classmates and make all new friends! Chapter 3:New school and new friends. It's my first day at Hardhorn and I just found out that I have to be put in like a dorm, but they call them houses. If possible I would want to be in the house my family is in. Also I am pretty sure I have a second brother named Alec. I got dressed in my casual T-shirt and jeans, the T-shirt says "want a piece of me." Then it has a piece of cake and it had a bite taken out of it, thats kind of what you can expect out of me. I walked into the place where we eat, they do really call it anything. Oh, and if your wondering why we do speak in an English ascent, its because my family was all moved from england when we were two. So, yah don't menchion anything to Jerimaya, he'll scream in your face "Get out of my face you JERK!" But, anyways I was in the 'mess hall' and I was dragged up to the front on the room to get put in my house, the headmaster choses were your put. And, oh my god, I barely got in talent. Talent is the house my family is in. I was so happy, but I still had one question, Was this guy, Alec, my brother? I had to ask, so while Jerimaya and Venessa were eating all the sudden, I said "Do we have a brother named Alec? Oh, and can I call you J and V it's so much esayer." "Sure, you can call me V, I like that nick name. Why are you asking about Alec?" "Someone told me I look like his sister, Amanda. I don't think it's a coinsadence." "Yes, we are related to Alec, you'll get to meet him, soon. By the way, you can call me J, I like that, you wouldn't mind if I told everyone to call me that, would you? Oh, and can I call you Amy?" "Go ahead tell anyone you want, I don't care, it's your nickname. And, I like Amy alot better than Amanda, nice pick J." "I agree, can I call you that too?" " No problem, V, everyone should call me Amy, it's alot esayier."