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The next week went by so fast.

My mom put all of our belongings that we couldn't bring with us into storage. Everything else, was but into these plain brown moving boxes.  All of our furniture, gone. The house that I was raised in, became stripped bare and was changed into a home that I didn't recognize.

I told Faith that I was moving, and she didn't take it well. For the past two nights, we have been having the best girlfriend sleepover ever. Never once did either of us brought up the topic of me moving. It was just something we didn't talk about. We just watched movies with Channing Tatum in it, and catching up on our Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Teen Wolf.

On the last day, moving day, all of our boxes have been shipped out already so that we can get them by the time we arrive at Spain. Faith came over and gave me her teddy bear, the one that we practiced kissing on just in case a boy ever looked our way. I gave her a big bear hug and I promised that I would Face-time her everyday, and report any cute boys that I see. We were both in tears. We practically grew up together in the sandbox and now life is literally pulling us apart into the other side of the world.

My mom walked in and I knew it was time to go.

"Goodbye Abby" Faith said to my mom

"Goodbye Faith" She said to her as they both embraced each other.

It was hard on my mom to say goodbye as well, since Faith basically lived in my house during the summer time.

Faith and I gave each other our last goodbyes as the cab drove away from everything and everyone I have ever knew.

<><><><><>16 Hours Later<><><><><>

The plane ride wasn't bad. I remembered to bring my gum to chew on as the plane descended and my headphones to listen to my music. I was in my old world during the plan ride, looking out the window to see the country that I knew change into foreign land.
Before I know it, I heard an announcement to prepare for landing.

As my mom and I left the plane, she said, "Aunt Morgan and Uncle Benjamin will pick us up from the airport."

"Bien mamá [Okay mom]" I said

Just as she said, Aunt Morgan and Uncle Benjamin was waiting for us in the terminal.

"My have you grown big, the last time we have seen you, you found enjoyment in spilling spaghetti over your head" They said.

I gave them both hugs as I said, "I miss you too Auntie and Uncle."
Even though I haven't seen them in forever, we are super close because of my mom. She made sure that we FaceTimed and kept in contact with one another because she found importance in being around family.

In the car ride, my mom was talking to them about how the sale of the house went. I tuned out and I started to plug in my headphones and listen to music on my new Iphone 8 that my mom gave me as a 'moving present.'

"She say, "Do you love me?" I tell her, "Only partly"
I only love my bed and my momma, I'm sorry"

Then my mom, who was sitting conveniently next to me, pulled out my headphones.

"Hello, don't be rude, your auntie was talking to you" Said my mom.

"Sorry" I said as I paused my music. I'll listen to you later Drake.

"It's okay Abby, What are you planning on doing this summer, Sofía?" Aunt Morgan says.

"Well, after unpacking and settling in, I was thinking about traveling around Spain. Maybe I'll get inspired." I said.

I am an artist, ever since I was a little child, my cute little four year old drawings were really amazing. I was the president of the art club in my old school and painted murals all over the walls showcasing our school spirit.

"That sounds like a plan, maybe I have my friend's son Alexander be your tour guide." She said

"Sure that sounds nice." I said

As I was about to put on my headphones again,  Uncle Benjamin said, " WE ARE HERE!"

I looked out of the window as we pulled up in to the driveway of the most extravagant house, no mansion I have ever seen. My mom said that Auntie and Uncle lived a good life, but i didn't know that they lived it this good.

I opened the door and I loved the smell of the fresh outdoors that hit me.

I went up into my room and I did my nightly routine.

Then I fell into a blissful sleep.

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