Chapter 1

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Nikolai's Point of View

I left the starbucks with a tray of coffee's because "Amanda can't get through her morning with just one coffee, and Amanda needs the energy to deal with us interns". Once I made it through security and to her office I saw her sipping a cup of coffee. I hated this bitch so much. She thought because she was the head of marketing and that she was the bosses daughter, that she could do anything she wanted. I mean she can, but I just- She just infuriates me. 

"Took you long enough intern. Did you out any sugar or creamer in it intern?" 

I felt myself cringe, "Yes, four creams and one sugar and my name is Nikolai." This caused Amanda to sneer at me and stand up. She slowly walked towards me. When she got to me her hand tightly gripped my chin. 

"I didn't ask you what your name was intern. You are shadowing me and watching how I do business, okay? I don't need your back talk." I laughed in her face. Business? She did business? 

"Really? You do business? Because from what I've seen all you do is get the people below you to do your work and present it to your daddy dearest." This caused her to turn at least five shades of red before she started yelling at me. 

" I am the head of this department. You should be honored that you are shadowing me! And as for your back talk, I will not accept it! You are supposed to be a shadow! What do shadows do? They follow the person they're watching and shut up, and that is what I need for you to do. She snatched the coffee tray out of my hand and gulped down an entire cup. After throwing that cup into the bin she guzzled another one. 

"Oh, and intern, don't think that I'm going to forget about this. My father will be hearing about this. Now go and follow somebody else. I'm tired of you. Go next door to Valerie, she won't mind, and if she does tell her I don't give a damn. That's what friends are for." 

This lady was driving me insane. For six months I've been shadowing her. I can't do this any longer.Her ever changing mood swings, outbursts, disrespect, and attitude all together. I knocked on the door of the friend, Valerie. She looked up and smiled. "Nikolai, is it?" Even the friend knew my name.

"Yeah, that's my name. I came here because that-" I cleared my throat before saying anything I'd regret. "I mean I came here because your friend was tired of me." 

Valerie laughed and shook her head. "You mean that bitch?" My eyes widened. "No, no I was just- I mean, I didn't mean to." Valerie's laughter got louder. "It's okay, even I have to say it after a while." I let out a breath of relief. 

"How can you stand being around her. She is so irritating. How do you stand even calling her a friend? I couldn't stand anytime more than eight hours of her. I mean, I'm barely learning anything from her! How am I supposed to be on the marketing team when I have a damn idiot 'teaching' me? I've learned more from the people who talk passing by the office and when I do, do work for Mr. Smith, I'm trying to use everything from college that I learned." 

Valerie stood up and put both hands on my shoulders. "Nikolai, everything is going to be okay. You can stay in here. I'll help you. Any questions you have I'll answer them. Come one, we'll take an early lunch break, then you can work alongside me." 

I got more teaching from Valerie in those hours, than I did from Amanda in my six months. If that doesn't say something I don't what would. 


I checked my watch. I was only required to be at "Air Tech" from 9-5, but I had some words for little miss Amanda.The clock read 6:49. I went upstairs after getting through security as usual and to the marketing wing. It was basically empty with the exception of the people who were walking the opposite direction as me towards the elevator. 

When I got to my destination I didn't bother knocking on the door I flung it open to see Amanda turned around facing the window. She slowly turned around and her eyes widened before she put a sneer on her face. 

"What do you want intern?" 

I marched over towards her desk and slammed my hands down. "Amanda Smith, let me tell you, sending me over to Valerie was the smartest thing you've ever did. I learned ten times the amount I learned from you, and in seven hours! It makes me wonder how did you really get the spot as President of marketing. I wonder if it had anything to do with the fact that your daddy is the owner of this company?" 

Amanda slammed her hands down on the desk five times harder than I did and got all up in my face. "I am the best damn person in this wing of the company, and in this entire company all together. Having me teach you is a blessing and you better recognize it little boy. You may think you're so brave coming into my office and confronting me, but you're a little bitch, and you're my bitch at that, so I'm going to give you one chance to walk out before I do something you aren't going to like." 

"Do it brainless bimbo." 

She raised her hand back and slapped me so hard my head turned. I looked back at her to see her smirking with her arms crossed. I laughed and before I realized it, I wheeled my arm back and punched that hoe smack dab in the middle  of her face causing her to stumble back and fall on the ground. 

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