I love rock & roll (Andy Biersack love story)

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Hi everyone, I'm Blanca and I'm going to start writting this story. First of all I would like to thanks everybody that reads my story and secondly I'd want to say that this is my fist story, so I'm sorry if it goes too slowly sometimes and things like that, ok? I'm learning so help me! :). I want your opinion pleeeeeaaaaseeeee!!

Here I'm going to present the characters first of all.

IRIS ~> She's a girl from Webster City, Iowa. She is 21. Has brown hair and greenish brown eyes. She is not too tall, like 5,4 feet. And she's Jinxx's best friend since they were 10.

ANDY, ASHLEY, JINXX, CC, AND JAKE ~> They are exactly like they are in the reality (more or less, you know :) ).

There will be other characters that will appear during the story.

Here's the summary:

Iris is one of Jinxx's best friends, you know, the famous Jinxx from BVB. They are friends since they were 10 years old; like siblings.

The last time they saw each other was in June, and it was already November. The band is coming back to Iowa before starting a tour.

Since the first time, Andy and Iris've seen each other in good ways, but they didn't believe it was love. Now that they're back...what will happen between them?

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