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Do you know the feeling when you put on the right outfit then feel really pretty afterwards?

That's exactly how Harry felt when he first put on a skirt.

He was around the age of 6 and tried on one of his sisters skirts from when she was smaller and felt very pretty afterwards.

His mother thought it was cute and he would get over it but he never did.

At the age of 10 Harry kept wanting to shop in the girls section instead of the boys. He would constantly pull his mother towards the opposite section.

At the age of 12 he would beg his sister, Gemma, to do his makeup. She always did it because she had always wanted someone to test her makeup skills on.

Age 15 he wore skirts and dresses to school. Many kids laughed at him but Harry didn't care, he wore them with confidence.

Age 16 he made a friend who also dressed like him. His name was Niall. Harry and Niall walked around school with twice the confidence since they found each other.

Now at age 17 he and Niall are inseparable. Harry makes friends easily. Some kids still laugh but most of them have become supportive and compliment him all the time.

There is one boy who absolutely despises Harry. His name is Louis. He constantly tells Harry how it's bad for boys to wear skirts. Always bringing God into everything.

Harry doesn't hate Louis because he thinks it's really mean to hate someone. He dislikes Louis; strongly.

Louis is always being rude to Harry and Harry doesn't like that. Harry doesn't like that he's rude to Niall as well.

Louis doesn't try to come off as rude that's just how he is.

Harry doesn't like to upset anyone. If someone steps on a flower he'll think about its feelings and get sad.

Harry likes making flower crowns as well. He makes and wears them to feel pretty and happy.

Niall likes them too. Harry makes them for Niall also. They wear matching ones sometimes.

People often mistake them for a couple but they aren't. They are very good friends.

Louis thinks Harry is pretty sometimes.

But he will never stop hating him.


Crying cause Harry is so cute ohmygod

Harry is going to be shorter than Louis for this so it makes more sense :)

Harry is going to be 5'1 and Louis will be 5'11

tell me what you thought of this chapter :)

hope you enjoyed!

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