How much they care ~ A Sterek FanFiction

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Stiles was pissed, really pissed, when he slammed his door shut. He just came back home after an hour of arguing with Derek. It was nothing new that there always was something bad and evil in Beacon Hills. This time it was just an werewolf gone nuts and start killing people. The problem was that the werewolf somehow draw strength out of his victims and so he was stronger than everyone else in the pack even stronger than Derek. Still the werewolf wouldn't last long against two hunters (Allison and her dad), a Kitsune (Kira), a were-coyote (Malia) and five werewolves (Scott, Erica, Boyd, Isaac, Derek)including an alpha (Derek). So Stiles wanted to come along, but Derek forbid it, what leads to the argument. It was basically Stiles telling Derek, that he isn't a fragile little human and Derek trying to make Stiles understand that Derek just wants to protect Stiles.

In the end Stiles drove home and the others off to fight the werewolf.

After Stiles laid just on his bed for ten minutes, he stood up and tried to think about something else than Derek. Stiles just didn't like it to fight with his boyfriend, especially not before a fight. When Derek would get hurt in the fight and even if it's just a scratch, Stiles would feel completely guilty just because he hadn't told Derek how much he loved him before the fight.

Stiles sighed deeply and his eyes wander to the glass board in his room. There is still the investigation of this werewolf-case on it, but it seemed to get solved right now. That's the reason why Stiles decided to take everything off the board. But while doing so he noticed something. Today wasn't the first time they try to catch the werewolf. They had a trap for the werewolf once before and the werewolf even get in the trap, but he got free again. At that night they weren't thinking about it much, because everything was kinda improvised. But now Stiles thought about it and it doesn't make sense. They had trapped the werewolf in a classroom in the school, but the werewolf would have needed to break the door in half to get out, but the door was whole the next day and Stiles even was sure the door was whole in the night, also the doors got checked up every now and then to exclude someone picking on the lock, because it often happens that someone try to break into school (it was mostly the pack). But Stiles was sure he heard one of his teachers talk about that and that no door was damaged in that way in the last two weeks (a record! - like the teacher put it).

So that means the werewolf had a partner, a teacher. Now it all started to makes sense. Deaton already told them, that he never heard of a werewolf who can draw power from his victims. But when the werewolf were working together with an druid or an Darach ... than it would make sense. Their already know that a Darach could draw power from victims.

Stiles needed the pack to know. He was practically sprinting to his phone to dial Derek's number.

But Derek didn't pick up, what probably means their were in the middle of fighting.

Stiles grab his keys for his jeep and wanted to head out, but he stopped and wrote one word on his board before hoping in his car and driving to the fight: DARACH

Stiles was half the way to the fight, when it happens. His car was slowing down. Loud cursing Stiles step out of his car. „That will take a little longer.", Stiles mumbled to himself after looking at the motor of his car. While looking around and trying to fix his car with duct tape, he called Derek again. Voice-mail Stiles tried four more times and then decide to leave a message, so maybe Derek would hear it, while Stiles was still repairing his car. „Derek! It's Stiles! I was looking over the werewolf stuff again. I think ... no I am sure he isn't acting alone, I mean the werewolf. I was thinking how he can draw power from victims and then it was clear! He works together with a Darach! I mean: that makes perfect sense! I also think the Darach is a teacher, at least someone with the key to open the classrooms in school. Because that is how the werewolf could escape the other night! Someone opened the door for him. So Derek, when you hear this call me. I want to know you're ok ... and I love you." Stiles ends the voice-mail and drop his phone into his pocket.

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