I'm allergic to vampires! Literally.... chapter 24

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Chapter 24

“So Conan, is there any way to get rid of this bond?”

“No not really unless you can find a vampire you can bond with.”

“Well that’s easy.”

“It’s not, your blood has to match theirs.”

“But what do you mean? I have blood that allows them to become injured around me or touch me.”

“Touch you?”

“Yeah, I’m allergic to vampires and their allergic to me.”

“Then how are you a solstice vampire now? Does that mean your blood doesn’t affect them anymore? You had to have been given vampire blood.”

“Well…Jace…your right, I think that sometimes it doesn’t work, I don’t know the specific time limit for which my blood works, I should probably figure that out. Jace must have hurt me after being away from him for so long, it must have left his system…” I muttered. “Jace…What have I done? I must leave, I have to go find him, maybe he’ll have answers I don’t.” The wooden door shattered to pieces, spraying us with splinters.

“Come on out girly! I want to have some fun with you!” The changeling shouted.

“I’m ready and waiting.” I trembled in place but straightened up and attacked, giving him a good kick to the chest but alas, my body was still too weak in this state. I was a new solstice, I had no power behind it. He grabbed hold of my wrist in mid air and snapped it, the sickening crack echoing throughout the room, bones slicing thru my flesh. I screamed in pure agony.

“That was for punching me, I did not deserve that.”

“You broke my bond with Galen!” I cried, “You’ll pay for it dearly!”

“Oh really?” He hoisted me over his shoulder, carrying me out of the safe house, Conan cowering in the corner.

“Warn Jace! He’ll come for me! I know he will Conan!” I shouted as he covered my mouth with his hand. I know he will.

                                                      Jace’s POV

“Jace, since they know where we live, shouldn’t we go now?”

“That would be the best option we have.” I replied to Galen, his skin healing over so slowly.

“We could go to the Devil Club.” Adrian suggested.

“Good plan, we’ll leave tomorrow.”

“But Skyler, she’s still unconscious, we shouldn’t move her.”

“Galen, she left.”

“What do you mean she left?”

“Galen…she’s gone.” Adrian started to explain.

“She can’t be gone! She wouldn’t leave without me! You were supposed to watch her asshole!” He shouted at me, flipping me off.

“She told me specifically to help you! While she was screaming her head off, she begged me to leave and save your sorry ass!” He pulled himself out of the red armchair. “I’m going to go look for her! Now!”

“Galen you have no idea where she is, right now I’m sure she’s safe, she was probably stressed out by all this commotion.” Adrian suggested.

“I’m not leaving without Skyler!” He shouted and blurred.

“Great, you really hyped him up Jace.” Adrian muttered.

“Where is he going?”

“It doesn’t matter as long as he’s not here, he’s safe, let’s go.” I nodded thinking about where Skyler could have possibly gone. As we traveled to the Devil’s Club, I continued to think. After a little chat with Isaac, we had a permanent for as long as we wanted. Isaac was now bonded to Crystal. They seemed quite happy together and it made me long to have Skyler in my arms. I had to admit our place was pretty luxurious, leather furniture, a plasma screen TV and a perfect view of the city. Here…I wouldn’t have to use Skyler as food. If I could find her…I thought sadly.

“Dude let’s find some blood donors.” Adrian called, getting unpacked.

“Hell no…no one is better than Skyler.”

“Suit yourself, I want the canopy bed when I get back.”

“Um alright.”

“So that means you’ll hafta scram.”

“Ugh fine. What about Galen?”

“Unfornately for him, he’ll be very depressed, to the point of suicidal if he can’t find her. So when he gets here, we’ll have to keep an eye on him.”

“Won’t the bond between them be able to let them find each other?”

“I don’t think they are anymore.”

“How would you know that?”

“I guess I haven’t told you about how gifted I am.”

“What do you mean?”

“I can change people’s emotions, look into their minds and memories, something a-”

“an elder could only do.” I interrupted. “Wow Adrian that’s incredible.”

“Well yea sorta…”

“Is that bad?”

“I…happened to look into Skyler’s memories…I drank her blood and she said she’ll be my blood donor….I ended up putting her in a coma…”


:So the only way to snap her out of it was to look into her memories or her mind per say…”

“And what did you see?”

“Her…naked.” He smirked and I tensed up.

“Your joking right?”

“Yes, anyway, I’d tapped into memories that she, herself refused to look at, she tried to force herself to forget, it was during the time of worst parts of the war.”

“I’d heard she was kidnapped when she was young.”

“Yes well, I saw her, she looked about nine or ten, hard to tell, she watched a full blown battle in front of her very eyes. It was bloody, gory and most of all, tragic. I believed her playmate was taken down in front of her.”

“I see…”

“She was so cute!” He gushed. “But…she was crying at the sight. The nit switched to another memory, she was staring at a dead body of a woman. There was so much blood on her face, she called her mama.”

“Where was this?”

“Some city, by the look of all the buildings, it’s probably in ruin by now with all the fire and bombs.”

“Ridgewell.” I whispered. “I know where Skyler is!”


“Can you get ahold of Galen?”

“No but he’ll come back.”

“You coming?”

“No, I’d rather I didn’t use Sky as a food source again, she’s been through enough today.”

“Well alright, I’ll meet you back here with her.”

“If she’ll come back with you, she hasn’t forgiven you for leaving her with Rayas…I know what he did to her…She opened up to Galen and Galen only…a savior bond is a powerful thing, even when’s it’s broken.”

“I got that, I’ll be back.” And I was off and running.


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