Chapter 15

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Morning classes were boring. Now it was lunch and me and skylar got out food and sat down on our table. I sat down next to carlos and he turned to me.

"Were going on a date today" he said and i looked at him

"Where are we going" i said eating my fries

"Aquarium" he said smirking

"What really" i said and he nodded and i hugged him tightly.

Did i forget to mention i love animals. Except a cat. Those are just scary

"I wonder who will say i love you first. Who wants to make a bet" jorden said and i sat back down on my own seat and finished eating.

"What are you guys talking about" skylar asked confused

"Me and carlos are not really dating. Its like a bet on who says i love you first will win my car or either his bike" i explained to her and she nodded.

"So who do you think is going to win" skylar asked jorden.

"Liya. $50." Jordeb said smirking

"I think carlos is going to win. $50" skylar said and we all turned to kyle.

"Nope i'm not in this" he said putting his hands up.

"Ok. So the person who wins will get $100. You have to win now liya. I'm trusting you" jorden said to me

"I won't break your trust. I am going to win" i said saluting him

"In your dreams babe" carlos said just as the bell went

School had finished and i drove home and ran straight to my room. I got dressed in black jeans with a white top and a black leather jacket. I put some money in my back pocket and my phone in my front pocket and ran back downstairs and started laughing.

"Go change" carlos said narrowing his eyes at me

"What no. Its not my fault you wore the same thing as me" i said smirking at him

"Rose. Go change. I don't want to be those type of couples that wear the same clothes" he said sighing.

"Oh come on. Thats cute. Now lets go. I can't wait" i said and he sighed and nodded.

We sat in the car and drove for about 10 minutes before we got to the aquarium.

We got out the car and went to the front and carlos paid for us both and we went inside.

"So what shall we see first" carlos asked looking at the map.

"The sharks. Come lets go" i said and held his hand and walked to the sharks area. We walked towards the sharks i looked at the big tank and stared at the sharks swimming past.

"Lets take pictures" i said and pulled my phone out and took a selfie with the sharks.

"Come on carlos" i said and took an picture of him aswell.


"Last selfie" i said to carlos next to nemo the fish. Carlos stood behind me and kissed my cheek as i took the picture.

"Thats cute" i said setting it as my background picture.

"Come on lets go" carlos said and i nodded.

We sat in the car and carlos started driving.

"Did you like it" he asked

"Yeh i did" i said smiling and looking at all the pictures we took.

"I'm sorry" i heard carlos mumble

"What" i asked

"Sorry" he said more clear

"What for" i asked confused

"For saying that jasmine was better than you. I was only angry i didn't mean it" he said and i remembered.

"Its okay. And you should say sorry for clearly." I said laughing at him

"Count yourself lucky. I don't say sorry to much people" carlos said smirking

"I know. You love me too much" i said pinching his cheeks just as we got home.

"What no. I am not losing this bet" he said and i laughed

"You totally are" i said walking inside

"Never" he said following me inside.
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So they went on a another date. And carlos said sorry. Yehh.

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