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Oh. Meh. Glob.
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So as a thank you and a sorry gift, here's my surprise one-shot!

Your POV
I sighed leaning my back against a tree. Looking at the empty blue sky my mind wonders off for the hundredth time of the day. (Italics is what your thinking.)
Dang it, how am I suppose to tell him? My cheeks started to burn as I drop down letting my back slide down against the tree trunk. Curling into a ball, tucking my head between my knees, my mind continues to go a drift.
"Y/n! Y/n!" Pressing my lips together I peeked out from my position. Fighting down my blush I watched as he runs over.
"Hey Y/n I've been looking every where for you." He gives me a friendly grin. One of those smiles you can rarely find in this world. Why do you make this so hard for me Onceler?
"Hehehe sorry. I just had to get away from some stuff ya know?" I offer him a cheeky smile hoping to get him off my case while I'm freaking out in the inside.
"Seriously? Well maybe I can help." I watched as Once plopped right next to me. "Tell me whats going on, you only go into your fatal position," He gestures to my curled body and my arms hugging my knees to my chest with my hands locking everything together. "If your really upset." He finishes his sentence with a soft and worried expression. "What's going on Y/n?"
I stared at him. Am I really going to say those three vary words to him? Say, 'I like you' or maybe even love to my best friend?
Author- say it now before it gets worse~
Y/n- Shush up Author-chan quite treating the fourth wall like a window (-_-")
Author- I'm just saying say it now or forever hold your peace..
Y/n- This isn't a wedding!
Author- I can make it into a wedding *smirks*
Y/n- Dang you..
Author- I know we're having fun right now tho :)
Letting my h/l fall from its place to hide me face I take a deep breath in and out. "I think.." Pausing gears start turning in my head. Tell him, or doge a bullet. "I think it's the stress.." Doge a bullet it is then.
"Stress?" Thank Gawd he bought it.
"Yea, I just feel like everything is just piling up back at home and I just can't keep up with it all." In the corner of my eye I can see him nod understandingly.
"I can see why. Tutoring kids, running a fundraiser, and juggling a job all at once must be tiresome." Actually I can do it in my sleep. Don't underestimate me, I'm sure I have the willpower to run a marathon...Confessing is a different story. Sneaking another peek at him I can tell he's thinking something over.
"How about we go to the fair?"
"Yea!" A grin starts taking over his face. "We can go to the fair, play some games, eat a ton of marshmallows!" I was vary, vary confused but yet..
"Hahaha! All of this-" I catch my breath from my sudden erupt of laughter. "Because I'm stressed? Aren't you over reacting?" He playfully scoffs.
"I am not overreacting! Nothing like a little fun to make all that stress vanish! Besides, I want to see your smile again.."
And so let the blushing begin! Does he really like my smile? That much? Maybe....I can drop a hint? I don't plan to confess, hahaha no. Just hints...
"That's great but..." Here goes nothing. "I'm having love trouble too..."

Onceler's POV
My smile faded. She liked someone? And she's having trouble with the one she likes? WAT 0-0
I watched probably with my jaw on the ground as her face lit up a bright scarlet.
"Don't look at me like that!" She quickly turned away hiding her crimson face with h/c locks fallowing her. I got to admit, this is the first time I've ever seen her so embarrassed and flustered....its actually.....cute.
I've thought I've seen all the expressions she's made so far until now. And I would admit I've loved every single one.
Y/n being happy, energetic, or childish. Y/n being frustrated, angry, or confused. Over time everything about her seemed to become beautiful to me.... SO HOW THE HECK DOES SHE HAVE LOVE TROUBLE WHEN SHE'S SO AMAZING! I'M THE ONE FREAKING OUT HERE! 😱
"Wow uh.." I chuckled nervously and swallowed. "What's the guy like?"

Your POV
Oh great I think I just made things awkward. But he did ask might as well drop more hints. Hopefully none of them turn into a bomb O.o
"Well.." I sneak a small look at him. "He's kind of annoying, childish, oblivious, he's WAY to addicted to marshmallows, and he can get really loud." (._.")
I look at him again and he looked...LIKE HE WON THE LOTTERY WHAT THE FUDGE?!
"Welp looks like he's not the man for you Y/n I advice you to forget about him with a sayonara and move on with beautiful beautiful life!!" Yup he's definitely loud (-_-")

Oncler POV
HA! There's no way a guy like that is good for her! He can't make her happy, I'm sure that they will never be a good match and he'll just make her frustrated and treat her like trash! Once she realizes that and forgets about him then there's my chance for her to see me more than a friend!
"But for some reason," I stop celebrating and turn my attention back at Y/n to see her blushing again hugging her knees.
"He's always there for me, to make me smile and laugh. He finds ways to help me anyway possible. And, he just can't help but melt my heart sometimes." I can feel my own heart be destroyed. What's the point if she likes this guy so much? Am I really going to stay in the friend zone for life?
Your POV
The biggest hint I can drop...
Taking a deep breath I speak.
"He's wonderful. The reason why I'm in love with my best friend."

Oncler POV

Your POV
"YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND DANG IT! YOU ALWAYS WERE AND NOW! THIS WHOLE TIME I WAS TALKING ABOUT YOU! WHY CAN'T YOU GET THAT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL?!" Freezing my mind started processing what I said as Onceler looked at me in shock. "Forget it. Forget all. And don't talk to me for a while." Run. Run Y/n. Run from him. Run from the upcoming heart ache. Or has it already started? Doesn't matter. Just don't show your tears.

Oncler POV
I'm so stupid. I need to make this right, but I can't talk to her. I always thought I would tell her face to face but drastic times call for drastic measures.

Your POV
I'm so dumb, pathetic, and now lonely. Hearing a knock from the door I drag myself out of my miserable state and to my front door.
"Hello?" (Don't you dare think Adele) What the heck? Is this some sort of prank?
Looking around a f/c envelope was sitting on my welcome mat, waiting for me along with a f/f (fav flower). I picked them both up and looked at the f/f with confusion. Don't get me wrong I was somewhat happy but why the heck at my door? Drawing my attention away from the flower I rip open the envelop and took out the letter.
Now you can read the picture! I would type it out but I'm lazy :p
.....okay so did you finish reading it? No? Go ahead and read the pic person! Yes? Then I hope you liked it and ON WITH THE STORY!
"Whaaaaa?!" I could feel my face burn and shock running through my veins.
"Hehehe yea I guess it will be easier for me to just right it from the start but I kept chickening out." In front of me was Onceler holding a flower bouquet. "You were right when you called me oblivious. I'm sorry I'm just so stupid but I really do feel the same." He offered me a small smile. One of those smiles you can rarely find in this world. I dropped both the f/f and the letter and slung my arms around him.
"I thought I will never see your smile again after my outburst." Onceler hugs me back and I can feel him relax into the hug.
"So are we together now?" I giggled at his question and peck him on the cheek.
"I would like that."
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I hope I made you guys smile in this feel free to make a request! I still plan to create the daughter scenario, the xgreedler, and xoncler, and of course the incarnation of Gaea! I'm sorry I don't update much but I clarified this in the 1st update that UPDATES WILL BE SLOW! But I promise that I haven't abandoned you guys! With thanks for understanding

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