Chapter 14

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School was normal as usual. When i got to my car i saw brandon there.

"Hey brandon" i said to him

"Hey liya. We can work at my house today on the project" he said and i nodded

"Sure i'll follow you" i said and he nodded and ran his car.

I followed him to his house and parked the car. His house was quite big.

"Follow me" he said and i nodded and followed him inside.

"We will work in my room" brandon said and he went upstairs to his room with me behind him. His room was a dark blue colour with famous footballers pictures on the walls.

"Sorry its a little messy" he said kicking a shirt under the bed.

"Its okay so shall we start" i said and put my bag doen on the floor.

We were nearly finished when my phone started to ring.

I looked to see it was carlos and ignored it.

"Sorry about that" i said just as my phone rang again.

"Its okay pick it up" brandon said.

I pulled my phone out of my bag and picked it up.

Me: what carlos

Carlos: where are you

Me: at brandon's house doing project before you ask

Carlos: when are you coming home

Me: bye carlos i said and hung up

"He is a bit possesive" brandon said smirking at me

"Don't even ask" i said sighing.

"Haha. He is hot though. I mean i heard a lot of girls say that he is hot" brandon said blushing a little

"Aww brandon why are you blushing. And i totally agree carlos is hot" i said

"Yeh. Well we have finished nearly. I could finish the rest for us and you could go home" brandon said

"Thank you brandon. I'll see you later. Bye" i said to him and packed my bag and walked downstairs and out the door.

I sat in my car and drove home. When i got home i parked my car and went inside to the kitchen where kayden was cooking.

"Oh wow your cooking" i said and he nodded

"Yeh i cook sometimes when i'm early. And where were you carlos was looking for you" kayden said cutting tomatos.

"I was at brandons doing a project and carlos should calm down a little" i said mumbling the end part.

"He is just possesive. Megan told me that you two are going out. Its new for him and he has had a rough past. He has never had a girlfriend before so he won't know what to do" kayden said just as megan came into the kitchen

"Ok hey liya. Carlos is waiting for you upstairs" she said kissing kayden's cheek.

"Ok" i said about to walk out the kitchen.

"Liya. Remember what i said. Take it easy on him" kayden said and i nodded and walked out the kitchen.

I went upstairs to my room to see carlos sat on my bed. When he saw it was me he stood up.

"Hey" he said and i wanted to laugh

"Hey carlos" i said smiling.

He walked towards me and crashed his lips on mine. I kissed him back as he pushed me against the door. He kissed me softly and the leaned his forehead on mine.

"Your mine" he whispered

"What" i asked

"Nothing" he said and walked out of the room.

Okay then i thought and got changed into leggings and a tank top.


I ate my dinner and came upstairs to my room. Kayden makes delicious food. I sat in bed and did my homework and then had an early night.

Hey everyone
Hope you lime this chapter
Sorry for any mistakes

I wanted a little kayden in this chapter because some people thought he has died. Haha. He is still alive but mostly at work.

And i wanted to say that i do not proof read my work. And obviously they will be mistakes because i use my phone to write these chapters.

I will be editing my books later so i just wanted to put it out there that they are not edited at all. A lot of the comments are about how bad the grammer is and what i need to change. I will do all of that later when i have time.

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And i know that there is an extra character on the side called jake. Just a little spolier that he will be coming soon in the next few chapters. He is an important character. Thats it.


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