[Oneshot 29-Warmth]

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Winter, the coldest season of the month. Snow was falling and the wind was blowing at its average. Lamp posts were lit in the darkness, and everyone was wearing thick clothes for warmth.

It was like any other day for Taehyung; walk around the streets during nightfall. A scarf was wrapped around his neck, and three layers of clothing was put on him. He breathed out, smoke emitting out of his mouth. He looked at it flying up to the sky, and saw the moon and the stars, making him smile a bit.

He sighed and sipped a quarter of his hot chocolate. He thought about going to the secluded park that he usually visited a lot, so, he did go there.

As expected, the park wasn't filled with people, which was no surprise for Taehyung. He started roaming around the place, observing the snow-filled trees that decorated the park. He smiled, admiring how perfect the white snow looked on the plants.

While walking around, he heard someone whimper softly. He followed the soft noise, which led him to the person he couldn't believe he saw in a negative condition.

It was Jungkook, arms crossed in front of his chest, and shivering so violently. 

His clothes were only shorts and a torn-up white shirt. He wasn't wearing shoes, nor socks, so he was only barefoot. His legs were painted with belt marks and bruises, while his arms were slashed with scars. His legs were put up in the bench, so he was in a crouching position. His head was hung low, and his hair was very messed up as well.

Taehyung felt a sharp pang on his chest, and he began to feel so much sympathy he almost lost it. He slowly walked towards the younger, careful not to let the said male notice him.

But, bad luck must be on his side since he accidentally stepped on a wooden twig. Jungkook looked up at him as a result, making Taehyung very, very shocked, seeing as to what the younger one looked like right now.

Jungkook's tear-soaked face was filled with dark bruises and scratches. He also had a black eye, and both of the said body parts were swollen red. Taehyung seriously felt like crying right now, and he had this greatest urge to kill the person or persons who did this to the other boy.

He took a seat beside Jungkook, and tried putting his hand on the younger's shoulder to comfort him, but it only caused the other to flinch hardly. So, he just sighed and put his arm to his lap. "Jungkook..." He started. "What happened to you and why are you here dressed up like that?"

Jungkook whimpered slightly before responding to the male's question. He crouched more, hiding his head underneath his arms. "I-I...was being a-abused...by my f-family...a-and they ripped m-my clothes...and t-told me to l-leave the house...and n-never come b-back..." He said between stutters and sobs. Taehyung widened his eyes, and clenched his fists so hard in great anger, but, he chose to calm down just for the sake of the boy beside him.

"Are you cold?" Taehyung asked. (A/N: jesus christ taehyung is tHAT EVEN A QUESTION) Jungkook nodded slowly. The elder unwrapped his red scarf from his neck and put it around the younger's neck. He also took off his thick jacket and let Jungkook wear it, leaving Taehyung in his hoodie. "Here, you can have this." He said, handing over his hot chocolate. The younger took the paper cup and drank it slowly, putting the cup on the bench after. "T-Thank you..." 

Taehyung smiled. "No worries." He said, standing up. "I'll take you home, to my own place, okay?" He added. He took a hold of the younger's back and thighs, only to pick him up bridal style. Jungkook blushed an exquisite shade of magenta, and hid his face with his hands. "Hold tight." Said Taehyung.

The elder began to run from the bench to the entrance. When he finally reached the said place, he stopped running and walked instead. While walking, however, a lot of people were staring at the two boys, making Jungkook feel a bit uncomfortable, but Taehyung, on the other hand, was only ignoring the stares.

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