(21) ~ another date ~

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You stared at the clock. " ok stuff it" you said and walked into your wardrobe. " now I gotta struggle to find something to wear" you say and sigh. " hmm.  A dress" you say and walk down to your dresses. " perfect" you say and put on a black dress with a lace top. You put on a pair of skin color stockings and short  bloomers then put black flats on. You put your  hair into a Katniss braid and grab your phone stuffing it in the dress pocket. Then you grabbed the bracelet Ncis gave you and then put the necklace on Tony gave you. " ha. That killed time" you said and realized  you had 5 minutes until you where being picked up. You wondered out into the living room and plonked down on the coach silently. " going out with DiNozzo tonight hey?" Gibbs said walking up the stairs. " maybe" you said smiling. " well I hope you enjoy yourselfs" he added and the door bell rang. " go my child. Have fun" he said opening the door for you. " cya later Gibbs. Or should I say , dad" you said giving him a hug. " it's been so little time and you already feel like my daughter" Gibbs said holding me tight. " hey. Where's my hug?" DiNozzo said coming in the door. You let go of Gibbs and turned to give DiNozzo one then he picked you up and carried you out. " cya later boss" DiNozzo said and you waved then closed the door. " you can put me down now. Before someone sees and thinks you stole me" you said and fixed yourself up. " I would steal you. I already stole you" he said and lead you to his car. " please " he said and opened the door. " thanks?!" You said and once he closed the door you burst out laughing then stopped when he came in. " what are you laughing at Gorgeous." He said looking at me. " just a joke Gibbs told me before I left. I just remembered it" you said hiding a huge smile. " don't lie to me" he said and reached over and tickled you. " ok ok. It was you" you said wriggling around historically laughing. "  I guess I do have a very funny sense of humor" he said laughing along. " you guess!" You said looking at him. " you do" you added and he turned the car on and backed out the driveway still laughing.  " where are we going?" You asked not expecting an answer. " you'll see " he said. After a while you arrived outside a highly decorated place with flashing lights. " woah" you said looking at it. " I planned all of tonight" he said and got out of the car and you followed. " your very organized" you complemented him. " thanks" he said and took your hand and lead you into the ballroom.  " may I have this dance?" He asked just as a slow song came on. " you may" you said and he pulled you close. You rested your head against his shoulder and slow danced for about an hour. By the time you where almost asleep, Tony looked at he time on his watch. " hey.. Wake up" he said looking down at you. " huh. I'm awake" you said looking up at him. " hungry?" He asked and your tummy let out a loud growl. " does that help?" You asked and he nodded taking you back to the car. " are you tired?" He asked he asked keeping his eyes on the road. " no. it's just that when I'm with you I feel safe and really happy" you explained. " I'm glad. I feel the same way" he said still concentrating on the road. " Alright were  here" he said pulling up at some fancy restaurant. " wow Tony it looks amazing" you said looking at the restaurant through the window.  "This place has amazing food" he said and climbed out the car. You studied it a bit more for a few seconds then followed. You sat down at a table and ordered. " could I please have a salad and a bowl of chips " you said to the lady and she wrote it down. She looked at Tony. " could I please get a steak with salad please" he said and the lady jotted it down. " be back soon" the lady said and walked away. You looked around at all the fancy dressed people. " I feel so underdressed" you say quietly. " you look beautiful. There's never an underdressed with you" he said smiling and you blushed. " thank you"  an hour later both of you decided it was time to go. You'd both eaten and you dared Tony to a drawing contest. " uhh you win" he says handing the sketch pad and pencil  to you. " let's go" he said and got up and you nodded an agreement grabbing your things and walking up to the front desk. I put some money in for the bill and Tony being lovely paid the rest.
" do u want me to drop you off or do u want me to take you to my place? Up to you I don't care" he asked. " hmm. Well you have seen the place where I live so let's go to your place" you say happily. " I just gotta grab a bag first" you add and he pulls up in Gibbs driveway. " be back in a sec" you say and dash out the door and up the stairs to your room. You flipped the flats off and pulled the stockings and bloomers of only to replace them with sweatpants and a comfy tshirt and your warm Ncis jumper. You stuff in another tshirt and another pair of shoes in your bag and pull on a pair of socks and a comfy pair of boots. " stuff it I will just sleep in this" you said and zipped the bag up heading down the stairs. " cya tomorrow Gibbs." You say and open the door. " cya. Don't be late!" He says sitting down on the couch, whisky in his hand and tv on. You climb into the car. " don't ask. I'm comfy" you say and chuck the bag into the back seat. " it's fine I don't care. I'm going home and putting the exact same on" Tony said laughing then you realized you left your necklace on and you just shrugged as Tony pulled out of the driveway and continued to his home. After a while you arrived and climbed out grabbing your bag. " oh, your knife" he said handing it to you. " thank tou very much" you said and put it in its pocket  and safely away in your bag. " any other deadly weapons I should know about in there?" He asked before opening the door. " yeah. A frypan" you said laughing and stepped in. To your suprize the place was sparking clean and looked very neat. " welcome to my home" he said and lead you into his room. " and this is my room. " he said and you looked at it in shock. " it's so clean" you whispered to yourself as you put your bag down next to the bedside table and plopped yourself on the bed. You let out a happy sigh and kicked your shoes of and putting them next to your bag and sat on the bed looking at the tv he had in this room. " your lucky you have a tv" you say and you realize he was  gone. " Tony?" You ask and look around worried then he came out of the bathroom with sweatpants and a jumped on to. " are we going to be that couple that has matching ' can't be bothered wearing clothes' outfit?" He says laughing. " I think so" you say as he flops on the bed and climbs under putting an arm out. You climb under and snuggle up against him. " night" he says running his hands through your hair. " night" you say smiling. " love you" you say and drift off to sleep. " love you to" he says just before you fell asleep and he fell asleep himself.

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