HANBIN ~ Protective

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["Wait for me okay? I'll go there to pick you up right away"] Hanbin assures as I sat here at the waiting shed. It's our dismissal time and I am the only remaining student sitting here.

It is already somewhat dark and windy. Luckily there has street lights here outside our school gates.

My eyes are looking for Hanbin. I guess it's traffic on the highway.

As I look around, I saw a group of gangsters coming towards my direction. Geez, I hope they are not unto me this time. Yesterday, they laughed and played with a girl.

"Hi pretty lady!" One of the guys said while standing in front of me, chewing bubblegum. I shrugged. Where are you Hanbin?

"You alone? Let me take you home. The guy grabbed my wrist but I quickly shove his hands away and stood up.

"My boyfriend will pick me up." I don't know what's the reason but they laughed. I clenched my fists.

"Boyfriend? Then where is he? Just go with me!" He was about to touch me again when someone grabbed his hand tightly. When I looked behind me, it's Hanbin.

"Don't you ever touch my girlfriend or else." Hanbin said while gritting his teeth. He put me behind his back and faced the four guys I don't even know.

"Just give me your girlfriend!" By that moment, Hanbin punched the guy and the other guys. Hanbin was punched once on the face and that made me go near him and tried to stop them.

The four guys ran away with some bruises on their face. I checked Hanbin and he just immediately hugged me.

"Are you okay _______?" I looked at him with a worried face.

"No, if you didn't came. Thank you for protecting me." I hugged him tight. I'm so lucky to have a boyfriend like Kim Hanbin.

"Even though they are 10, 20 or 50, I will still and always protect you. Why? Cause I love you." He kissed my forehead. With him, I feel so safe.

"Aish, let's go to my home and I'll heal your bruise beside your lips." He just chuckled.

"Just kiss my lips and I will feel 100 percent better again." He pouted that made him look like a dog.

"You already have a bruise and you can still joke like that?" My voice tone changed.

"It's not a joke! Your kiss is my energy pill. It makes me stronger. If you will not kiss me, then I can't protect you again next time." He pouted his lips again. I need to understand his childish mind.

"You are so lame! Come here." I held his nape and kissed him on the lips. His soft lips entertaining mine.

"I think I'm already superman." He whispered.

"You're not superman. You're my man." We both giggled and he wrapped his arms around me.


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