Chapter 34: A String of New Beginnings

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October 27th 2015


After a few hours have passed, me falling into a restless sleep, and Ash dosing off in his chair; Kate decides to make an appearance. She rushes into the room and immediately lunges at me, startling me awake.

"Kate" I choke out, as its hard to speak with all of her body weight on me, strangling me practically to death.

"Noah" she exclaims so happy. "How are you?"

"You're ...too ...tight" I struggle to reply.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, my poor baby. Here. This Better?" She asks, releasing me from her hold. I nod and she kisses my forehead. "I've been so worried, you really scared us."

"I'm sorry" Deciding to go straight into, better to just get everything into the open then beat around the bush.

"It's not your fault, whoever did this is going to be punished I assure you."

"No, I'm sorry for everything. For how I treated you, for being a jerk to you when you were only being my friend. I'm so sorry that I took my pain out on you. I just felt like I couldn't trust anyone. Even though I know it's not true. I'm so sorry, can you forgive me please?"

"Honey, I was never mad at you, frustrated yes, but I don't blame you. After everything you've been through I don't know how I would have acted if my leap of faith went up in flames like it did for you. But can I ask you to do one thing for me. Only one thing."

"Of course."

"Promise me you'll never push me away ever again. Cause I love you"

"I love you too, you're the sister I never had"

"And you're mine"

"Hey, I'm not a girl"

"Well you're acting like a girl with Damian"

"I thought you didn't like him to begin with?"

"I don't. But he's been here everyday, just waiting for you to wake up. He was about to miss his game yesterday if we hadn't forced him to go and play. He told me everything, why he did what he did. What he really feels and honestly I believe him. I hate it, but I believe him. I'm not expecting you to forgive him, but just hear him out with an open mind. Maybe he might just surprise you."

"Well if he has always been here, why isn't he here now?"

"He's collecting all the work you've missed. So he's on his way really soon. Trust me. I just wanted to get to you first so I could tell you that. Hear him out."

I stare at her, she seems so sincere. If only he was that sincere. But for her I will listen to him. Besides he is one of the last people I saw, maybe he can tell my what happened.

"Okay, I'll hear him out"


This is it. I'm going to see him. Just behind these doors, he's awake. But what if he refuses to see me what if he hates me? Urgh, Damian now is not the time to be doubting yourself. Just go in there and talk to him. How hard can that be? 

I knock on the door and i hear Kate's voice usher me in. I peer around the door to be met with a pair of familiar eyes. My favourite concoction of green and hazel. They just stare at me as if they can see through me and in that moment i know that they can. I take a brave step into the room and let those eyes bore into me. If i ever want a chance at forgiveness i need to be open to him and that means opening myself up to him always. No matter how scary or confusing that may be.  he just stares at me and i can see his eyes cloud over with unformed questions. there's something bothering him, but I can't tell exactly what it is. I feel a sudden urge to brush aways all of his troubles, to tell him that whatever it is will be okay. That he will get better, but it's not my place to do so. I notice Ash sprawled across a chair by Noah's bedside, his leather jacket at the end of Noah's bed and his hand resting close to Noah's. I can't help but wonder if it is his. If in my absence Noah had moved on to him. Had he   found someone else?

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