(20) ~ mystery murder~

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the two of you arrived at the building. " I don't have any weapon" Tony said and You sighed. " here" You said and pulled out your  knife and handed it to him. " thanks. I love you" he said looking at you. " I love you to" you say. " can I kick the door  this time?" You asked desperate and he nodded. " fine" he said giving in. " 1..2..." He whispered "3" You whisper yelled  and kicked the huge door open.  You held out your bow and Tony got the knife ready. You saw the people and they where bashing up a lady. You didn't wait for the signal and You shot him nocking the man off his feet and onto the ground. "TONY BEHIND YOU" you yelled as a man came up behind him and you shot him with an arrow just missing DiNozzo. " thanks a lot. Now to return the favor" he said pulling you onto the floor and avoiding a man with a knife. Gibbs got his gun out and shot the back of his head. You lay there in Tony's arms feeling comfortable. " thanks" you say and he pulls you into a kiss. " come on. We got some butt to kick" Gibbs said and pulled you up then you pulled Tony up. " let's Go" you say and Gibbs leads the way up the building and there was a group of men sitting up and talking about how there going to hold hostage a major mall and kill everyone. " shoot" Gibbs whispered in your ear. " deal" you whispered back and shot them all in back silently killing them all. You put your hand over your shoulder and they both have you a high five.  

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