(19) ~ archery day~

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You , Tony and Gibbs arrive at a national park. There was a three big signs. Archery , hunting , relaxation.  " you know where I want to be" you say clutching my bow. " DiNozzo. Go with her. If you need me I will be on a couch reading the news" Gibbs said and headed towards the relation area. " come on" you said exited and ran to the archery section. You looked around and to your surprise nobody was there. Tony soon came out of the walkway after. " you to energetic"  he says panting a little.
" harden up" you say laughing and pull an arrow out of the quiver ( arrow bag) and put the arrow in the bow and clip the clip to the string you hold the arrow up at aim. You let go and it hit bullseye. You pulled out another and as you walked past each target you shot a bullseye when you got to the end you looked at the 10 targets in a row all with arrows in the middle and you smiled proudly. " woah Katniss" DiNozzo said coming up behind you. " howd u do that" he said and you shrugged. He collected them and then handed them to you and you put them back in the bag. After a few hours of struggling to teach Tony how to shoot he finally got it. You stood back watching and he shot and got it in the middle. You screamed and jumped up and down in excitement and he picked you up and twirled you around giving you a kiss. " we should be getting back to Gibbs. He will be wondering where we are" you said just as your phone rang. " get here quick someone's dead" Gibbs said " coming now" you say. " quick someone's dead" you say to Tony and you both run for the big building. 

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