(18) ~ test driving ~

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" later we will" Tony says and rolls back onto the bed. You get up and walk into your wardrobe and look around unsure on what to wear.  You choose out a pair of jeans as normal and a light purple sweater. This time you put a pair of black converse.  you came out and sat on the bed rubbing your eyes tiredly. Tony bent over and got something  out of his bad and then crawled over behind you and pulled it out silently then put a necklace on your neck. " huh?" You say and look at it. " oh it's beautiful." You say and look at the small love heart shaped charm on it. He smiled and sat next to you. " your outfit it now complete" he says like i was missing something. Suddenly Gibbs nocked on the door. " come on love birds work time" he says. " but it's Saturday" you say opening the door.
" exactly. You two are going for a test drive of (Y/N)'s new car and then we are going out. Somewhere (Y/N) will like and be a natural at" he says and walks away with the bow and arrows in his hands behind him. " where?" He askes. " archery" you say smiling and Tony looks at you confused,  " ohhhh. The bow and arrows and that" he says finally  getting it. "Duh"  you say and pick up the keys. " come on" you say dragging him off the bed and along with me. " ok ok" he said catching up and I flew out the door.
" she's a handful isn't she" he said to gibbs. " we'll DiNozzo. Let me tell you. You will never be bored" Gibbs said and they both laughed. You climbed into the car and turned the ignition on. " crap" Tony said and ran out the door and climbed in. You put your hands on the steering wheel and slowly backed out the driveway watching and then concentrating on the road ahead. " ready?" He says and you nod. A few hours later you pull up at Gibbs house again. " that... Was... FUN" you both say at the same time. Gibbs came out of the house. " how'd she go driving instructor DiNozzo?" He said looking at him. " perfect" he said and I smiled proudly.

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