(17) ~ morning after ~

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You woke up the next day and Tony was laying with his arms around you. You looked at him and snuggled back down. You couldn't get to sleep so you pulled your book out and silently read. After an hour Tony started to wake up. " morning" he said. "Morning" you replied and kissed him. " did you have fun last night?" He asked. " certainly did" you answered back and looked at your bracelet and realized you didn't take it off. " I didn't even take my bracelet off" you said and he looked at it. " it's pretty isn't it" he said and you nodded in agreement. " alright let me up. I gotta pee" you said laughing and he let you go and you got up and stretched. He rolled over and picked up something and then he threw it at you. You turn around and pick it up. " thanks" you say and put his jumper on getting up and disappeared into into the bathroom. You came out with a hair brush and brushed your hair and sat down on the end of the bed. Tony was putting a jumper on and scurried over and snatched the brush from my hand and sat behind me with his legs crossed and brushed my hair. " 1 what are you doing and 2 how did you end up in my bed?" You asked letting him brush your hair. " 1 I'm brushing and doing your hair and 2 Gibbs let me stay the night because it was 1 in the morning. And he didn't have any other rooms so he trusted me to look after you" he explained. "Nothing happened you where so tired I carried you to bed and dressed you in your pajamas and tucked you in" he added. " thanks?" You said unsure on what to answer. " now I gotta do something about all my art stuff" you said looking at the box laying on the floor.

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