(16) ~ birthday ~

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You opened the door and walked out of interrogation and down to your desk to see a wrapped up box. The others joined behind you.  You looked at it shocked yet confused on who left it there. " go on. open it. It's not gonna open its self " they all said and watched. " mhm" you said and unwrapped it to find a huge container. You opened it to find a whole lot of art supplies. There where a few sketchbooks , packers of pencils, erasers and the whole set of copic sketch and ciao markers.
( special markers). " ok. Who did this" you said looking at them all.
" we all did" Gibbs said. " it's for your birthday" he said and they all handed me a card. " wait it's my birthday?" You said. They all nodded. " I didn't even know it was" you said covering your face with embarrassment. " you have been so busy lately we don't blame you" they said and all came over for a big hug. " thanks guys. Your the best" you say and have a big group hug. " hey make room for me" Abby said running over. " and me" ducky said coming over to. " you guys are my family" you say and they let you go. Abby hands you a small box and open it to find a lovely charm bracelet. It had a camera, a clipboard, a pencil, a lab bottle, a coffee mug, a computer and a love heart on it.
" there's one from all of us" Abby explained and you  looked at it smiling from ear to ear. Then you realized Abby was right, a camera for all of us, a computer for McGee, a coffee cup for Gibbs, a bottle for Abby , a clipboard from ducky a pencil from Palmer and a love heart, from Tony. You looked at Tony  and he smiled. " thanks alout guys this means a lot to me" you said starting to cry happy tears and Abby gave you a big hug then DiNozzo pulled you  away and lifted you up into a massive hug then Gibbs stared at us. " I think he knows now" DiNozzo said laughing. " and I don't care. Screw rule 12" Gibbs said happily and Tony have you a kiss. He put you down and director Vance came out with a cake with a fondant figure of each little charm and NCIS written on the top cake. The cake had sparklers sticking out of it at the top and a few candles. They all sang happy birthday to you and director held the cake out for you to cut. You pulled the clean knife out of your pocket. " rule no.9 never go anywhere without a knife" you said smiling at Gibbs and cut the cake. You sat down at your desk eating the delicious mud cake and starting at the box. " I wonder how I'm gonna carry that out" you said to yourself.
" don't worry about that I will help" DiNozzo said and you looked him standing behind you and you fell of your chair and laughed. " second time" you said and he came around to help you up. " thank you sir" you said smartly and sat down acting like a normal human. " I sore that" Gibbs said laughing. The night came to an end and you started to pack your things away. " I'm here to help my lady" Tony said standing at your desk. " can you try carry that?" You said pointing at the box of art stuff while you fixed all for stuff into your bag under your desk. " let's go" you said and Gibbs lead the way for you and Tony to follow. He put the box in the boot as you walked out. "Thanks for your help Tony" you said giving him a kiss. " anytime" he said and pulled you into a full kiss. " alright, alright. Let's go (Y/N) " Gibbs said and you climbed into the car. Tony slowly followed into his car. All the way home you fiddled with your bracelet then you heard Gibbs. " I have another surprise  at home " he said and you looked up. " um ok?" You said. He pulled up in the driveway and there sitting on the other side of the driveway was a black Porsche with a (F/C) bow on the top. You looked at it shocked and gave Gibbs a huge hug. " thank you so much" you said. " it's fine. You can go and come from the office when you need. " he said and you let go. You open the door to find DiNozzo sitting in the passengers seat holding the keys. " welcome to your new car" he said trying to act normal but he couldn't  help it and burst out laughing as you laughed to. " thank you?" You said and grabbed the keys from him. " it's a nice car" you said looking at it. " I know. Me and Gibbs chose it" he said and climbed out and you followed

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