(15) ~ busted ~

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You, Tony and McGee stood in the interrogation room to watch. " you. Come" Gibbs said pointing at you. " me?" You said and shrugged. You followed him out and opened the door and you stepped in to see the suspect handcuffed to the table.
" why did u do it" you asked.  " do what" the man said. " kill those two people" you said looking at him. " I didn't" he refused. " then why are your fingerprints all over them and the murder weapons. Huh!" You yelled at him and he looked back in defeat. " I didn't mean to" he said finally and you got up as Gibbs closed the door. " well done (Y/N)" Gibbs said. " thanks " you said as you joined Tony and McGee. They looked at you in shock. " what?" You said confused. " how?" They said synced and you shrugged. " I study this sort of stuff remember. And I won first place in debate and interrogation for 6 years. " you said and they nodded.

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