(14) ~ apartment of doom ~

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" I'll kick the door on three" Tony whispered as you both held your guns at the door facing them on the ground. " 1.......2......3" he said and kicked the door. " NCIS. Come out with your hands on your head" the two of you yelled. No answer. He signaled to go check the rooms.
" clear" you said entering the kitchen. " clear" you heard behind you. You quietly walked into a bedroom. " clear" you say and check the bathroom along with it. " clear" you heard and then went back to the kitchen. Suddenly you heard a gunshot. ~ Tony ~ you thought worriedly and followed the sound to find Tony and a man. Tony had him held hostage and a gunshot in the mans arm. " I thought u got shot" you said and came over to him and he put his arm around you. " if I was shot you would of heard your name" he said and looked down at him. " wanna do the honers?" He asked and you cuffed his hands. Tony picked him up. " aren't you a pretty lady" he said to you. " no thanks. I already got a boyfriend" you said and looked at Tony then walked out with your gun.
" is there anyone else here" Tony asked the man and he shook his head. " I will go put him in the car" McGee said as he walked in through the front door and took the man. " Guys you need to see this" you called and they all came in. On the floor there was three knifes caked with blood. There was also a flame thrower. " I never knew you could get these " McGee said holding the flame thrower up to be bagged.  " you can't" you said looking at a 3D printer. " what ya got there.... WOAH" Tony said looking at it. " mcgeek this is your type of thing" he added and McGee came over. " well there is where he got the flame thrower from" McGee said and you looked at it closer. " what is is sweetheart?" You heard Gibbs say behind you " gunpowder " you said looking at the black powder on a cotton swab. " this guys made a bomb" you said looking at the bits that laid behind it and backing away. " It's not put together" McGee said. " I don't care it's a bomb. They explode." You said worriedly. " it ... Can't.... Hurt... You" you heard a deep voice say behind you and everyone froze and turned to the voice with there Guns pointed at the man with the deep voice. Suddenly you felt something grab you. You looked up and sore Tony was protecting you. " aww your such a pretty lady" he said coming over to you and you and Tony backed up. " don't worry I won't hurt you. I just want you" the man said and came closer. " count of three Kick him and get the arrows behind you at his throat and hold it there" you heard Tony whisper in your ear and you nodded. " 1" he whispered as the man got closer. "2" he said as he got closer and closer. "3" he said and let you go then you kicked him down and grabbed  your bow from Gibbs hand that he was holding out behind you and loaded it and aimed for his head. " what was that" you snarled at him holding the man down. " you heard me. I want you" he said and looked at you and you grunted. " I care because" you growled. " shoot him" Gibbs said. " gladly" you said and let go of the arrow and it went into his back. He let out a last huff and lay there. You let him go and stood back with your bow in your hand. " remind me not to get on your bad side" you heard McGee and DiNozzo say at the same time. " I already know not to" Gibbs said looking at me. " thank you for helping DiNozzo" you said smiling at him. " it's fine. Anything to save a team member" he said smiling and giving you the look of ~ to save my girlfriend~.

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