(13) ~ first case pt.2 ~

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"Alright everyone pack up" Gibbs said  and grabbed the extra gear. " well done today (Y/N)" Gibbs said to you proudly. " you did good. " he added. " thanks Gibbs" you said back to him and smiled. You bragged your bag and headed with tony to his car.
" that was weird" he said. " agreed" you replied and be backed out of the driveway to the road. He dropped me off at the office. " thanks for driving me" you said to him and he gave you a kiss. " anytime" he said and you two both climb out of the car and went back into the building and sat down at our desks. You got your drawing book out and sketched while Tony sat on his phone rampaging you with messages. You looked at your phone. " you do realize I'm right here" you said laughing. " yeah. But there's a rule. Rule 12" he said sadly and then it came to you. ~ rule no 12. Never date a co worker~ you sigh. " oh well" you said sadly and continued drawing. After a while you where consecrating so hard on your drawing  you didn't see Tony come up behind you and watch. You finished and woke  up into reality. You sore someone standing next to you and you looked up seeing Tony and you fell out of for chair landing on the floor with a thud. "You scared me" you say looking at him and he had a smile on his face. " your more better at drawing then I thought" he said putting his hand out and pulling you up. " run" you say to him as the elevator dings and he runs back and sits on his desk just as Gibbs and McGee came in. " what happened" McGee asked you. " I just kinda fell of my seat" you said while DiNozzo was laughing. " how?" Gibbs asked and then I looked over at tony and then back at Gibbs. " she went to reach something from her bag and she fell in the progress. " tony said still lightly laughing. " be more careful" Gibbs said. " I'll try" you said to him and then Tim got up the photos of the victims. " explain" Gibbs said getting up and looking at you. You cleared your throat and joined them standing in the middle of Gibbs and DiNozzo.
" the victim that was wrapped in seaweed, his name is joe. Last week on Thursday his wife reported him missing. She told the police officer the last time she saw him he was drunk and angry. She also said that he had a few enemies" you stared off.  "The other victim is Henry. His wife also reported him missing the day after. They where known to each other. He had no kids. His wife was later found in the park alone and gone completely insane" McGee said after  you finished. " good. Keep searching." Gibbs said and walked off up into the directors room. Tony nudged you and You nudged him back.  " what's going on?" McGee asked confused. " nothing" you said and went back to your desk and so did Tony. " what am I missing  here?" McGee asked still terribly confused. " nothing!" You and Tony said in sync and then went back to work.

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