(12) ~ first case~

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You woke up the following Monday and yawned. You checked your phone and saw you had a list of messages from tony. You laughed looking at his random messages. Most of them said random lines from movies or little faces. You looked at them. • good morning tony• you replied and put a comfy pair of jeans and a (F/C) tshirt on and pulled the black Ncis jumper on over. " it's freezing" you said and got up and walked down the hall to the kitchen.  " morning" you heard Gibbs say. " morning" you replied back making a piece of toast. "It's freezing this morning" he says getting up and putting his dishes away. " I certainly agree with you there" you say and put butter on the toast and take a bite. " office might be quiet this morning " he said and handed me a folder. " is this?" You asked looking at it. " your sign up sheet. Yes" he said and placed a pen on the top. " thanks " you said happily and sat down and went through it. An hour later you where done. " done" you said and put the pen down. " let's go then" Gibbs said walking in and grabbed it stuff. You grabbed your phone and the file and chased after Gibbs Into the car. A while later you arrived and walked into the bullpen. " take the folder to Vance " Gibbs said and you nodded. " what's that?" DiNozzo asked as I walked by. " my sign up sheets" you say and run up the stairs. DiNozzo smiled happily and continued working. You nock on the door and Vance opens it letting you in. " Gibbs said he would give you your sign up sheets?" He asked and you nodded handing them to him. " thank you. I'm very impressed about what I've heard from Gibbs over the last few days. " director Vance said and handed you your badge. You smiled happily. " welcome to the team" he said and you pinned it to the inside of the jumper. " I see you have  already gotten the jumper" he said admiring you. "Gibbs gave it to me" you said snuggling up  in it. " that's good." He said and he opened the door for you. " thank you director" you said as you walked out the door. You continued to the orange room and got yourself a hot chocolate. ~ Gibbs will want a coffee~ you thought to yourself so you ordered Gibbs a coffee to. You grabbed a pack of chips for DiNozzo and McGee feeling nice. You came back down the stairs with the two packs of chips in your hand with the hot chocolate and Gibbs coffee in the other. You plopped a bag on DiNozzo's desk then one on mcGees and then gave Gibbs the coffee. " thanks" they all said at the same time. " why did you get me a coffee?" Gibbs asked smiling at you. You shrugged. " I thought you would like one. And I felt nice" you said and they all looked at you. " what?" You asked. " nothing" They said and continued on working. Gibbs got a phone call. " grab your gear. Dead marine on the beach" Gibbs said and then looked at you. " Come on newbie" he said and you joined them. " newbie?" McGee asked and you nodded looking at him. " you got in!" McGee and DiNozzo both said happily and you nodded. " DiNozzo you go with (Y/N). McGee your with me" Gibbs said and we went out different ways. " well. This will be fun" you said getting in DiNozzo's car. " bring ya knife?" He asked and You pulled it out of my pocket. " always got it" you said smiling and he hit the gas and followed Gibbs to the crime scene. You arrived and got out the car. You grabbed the kits from the back of Gibbs car and pulled out the camera's. " come on probie" you say to DiNozzo and he smirks as you. " (Y/N) go with DiNozzo and take some photos. Be prepared for anything though. And be careful." He said to you and DiNozzo followed you. You looked at it. DiNozzo came up behind you with some seaweed and you jumped back and laughed. " don't I hate seaweed" you say laughing and then you hit his arm. " haha" he says and you get back to work. You look further down the sand. "This guy wasn't  alone" you mumbles and started walking towards the other body that was tangled in some sort of rope and sea weed. " hey where ya going" DiNozzo said with a little bit of fear in his voice. You pull out your knife and put the camera and clip board down on the sand away from the water.  You sand there and cut the seaweed away and then cut he rope. You stepped back and tripped over a rock that was sticking out and landed in DiNozzo's arms. " you have a habit of coming  at the most perfect of times don't you" you said and he pulled you up. " yeah I guess so" he said and helped you up properly. " be more careful" he said and looked down at the body. " I can see why you stepped back now" he said and pulled you away. " hang on" you said and escape his grasp still holding the knife you cut away the remaining seaweed to see a burnt up body laying in the sand. You put the knife in the water and wash it then put it away and grab your camera and clipboard. " hold this" you say slamming the clipboard into Tony's chest. You stood there and took a few photos at every angle. " I will get Gibbs" he said and turned around to see Gibbs was standing right behind him. " get me for what" he said and tiny pointed at the body that you where taking photos of.

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