Life With The Carson Brothers

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**This WILL have some SEXUAL CONTENT in it. Just warning you all. **

"Boarding the 206 flight from Vegas to California."

I got in line with my boarding pass in my hand, when the lady stared at my awful passport photo, she looked at me again. "Your photo does you no justice, you're very beautiful." She smiled, handing it back to me.

"Thank you." I simpled replied.

When my mom told me that she was getting married, I was happy for her. But when she asked me to live with her for the summer, I was confused. She normally didn't want anything to do with me. Las Vegas for me was home. The busy city life was what I wanted, what I loved. But California? It's so.... Coastal! I'm not one for swimming. But if there are cute Cali boys, I'll live with it.

The plane ride was long, but I fell asleep so it didn't matter. When we landed and unboarded the plane, I found my suitcase and headed to the pickup area.

"Violet baby!" I heard my moms loud voice once I stepped through the sliding doors.

"Hey mom." I smiled at her.

"Oh hunny, you've gotten so beautiful, I bet all the boys love you." She touched my face. Biggest pet peeve.

"Yeah, maybe in the strip club they do." I rolled my eyes, moving out of her embrace.

"Huh?" She titled her head, obviously confused.

"Nevermind." I pulled my suitcase of of the airport as my mom ran to meet up with me.

"You are just gonna love Jim dear, they will love you too." She rambled on and on.

"Yeah okay mom, lets go." I was impatient. I don't want him to love me, I just want to relax and get this summer over with.

The drive to her house from the airport felt like days. Three god damn hours of driving. Worse day of my life. I left my friends and the casinos for this? Something is wrong with mer. We finally arrived to this big modern style home. Clearly my mom married even richer than my dad. Still didn't impress me however.

"Oh Jim, we are home!" My mom yelled like a teenager. Where was my moody mom? What the hell happened.

"Baby cakes!" This old, but surprisingly attractive man came running from the kitchen hallway, dripping wet. Clearly they have a pool, nice. They kissed each other longer than exceptable. "You must be the very beautiful Violet!" He kissed my cheek and hugged me.

"Uh... yeah." I pat his wet back. Gross.

"Come meet the boys!" He pulled me down the hall.

"Boys? What boys...?" I was totally confused. My mom never mentioned any boys.

He pulled me outside to the large, in ground pool. My jaw dropped when I noticed the two, tanned, 6 packed blonde and brown haired guys, Holy shit was this heaven?

"Well hello blondie." The boys swam over to me. Stepping out of the water. I've never seen such perfection like this before.

"Boys, this is Violet, Dianna's daughter, Violet, these are my boys."

"I'm Avery, nice to meet you." The blonde kissed my right cheek.

"And I'm Ethan." The brunette kissed my left cheek. I could feeeel my cheeks roasting due to the over blushing. Suddenly they both grabbed my legs and threw me into the water!

"Welcome to Cali!"

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