New House , Bigger Family

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What's up guys . Thank you for bearing with me and my mistakes . And thank you for telling where I am wrong so I can correct them. I want to be one of the best stories and you guys are helping me do it . So again thank you .
By the way Shion's hair is blonde it was my mistake .

----------CHAPTER 4------------

Walking inside Naruto's apartment were Naruto ,Hinata and Shion . Going inside Hinata helped Shion to the living room as Naruto went to the kitchen to get some drinks for them .

Sitting on the couch , Hinata was comforting the blonde as she was still on the trauma of what happened. Rubbing her back , Hinata saw Naruto approaching with three glasses of drinks in his hands. Naruto put one glass in front of all on them and sat on the other side of Shion . Breaking the silence Naruto spoke first .

"Shion , you want to talk about what happened?" Said Naruto as Shion turned towards him .
"I already told you what happened Naruto-kun ." Replied Shion
"But do you have any Idea what may have caused that to happen?Anything that you might know ,would help us right now ." Said Naruto as he put his arm on her shoulder for comfort .
"I have no idea who or what may have caused it . It all happened so fast. I didn't stay there to see what was happening ." Said Shion as her eyes were begining to get wet .
"I will go talk to Tsunade and see if she could send a investigation team there for any clues . If someone is responsible for this , he or she are gonna pay for this . Hinata you stay here and help her if she needs anything." Said Naruto as he put on his sandals and left .

Now inside were left by themselves Hinata with Shion . Learning that they were going to get interested in the matter and that they would help her in any way , Shion calmed down and now she was in a normal state . She also noticed that Naruto and Hinata were pretty close together and wanted to know more about it .

"Hinata-san . You and Naruto seem to be really close to each other ." Said Shion as she took a sip from her drink .
"Call me just Hinata . And yes . Finally I am together with Naruto and now we are married ." Said Hinata as she showed her ring to Shion .
Shion took a sad face at this , as if her dreams were ruined ."That's good for you . I had heard you had a crush on him and seems that your dream became true . When did you two get married ?" Said Shion as she held her glass of juice in her hands .
"In fact , our marriage was yesterday . We got married yesterday ." Said Hinata as she noticed that Shion had taken a sad face .

"What's the problem Shion ?" Asked Hinata .
"Nothing . I really am happy about you two and I really mean it . Naruto deserves someone like you by his side . It is just that , when Naruto and his team came to my village on mission and saved my life , he kind of promised to someday have a child with me . Guess that's not going to happen anymore ." Said Shion looking down .
"You see Shion , your dream might not be dead just yet ." Said Hinata with a smile on her face.
"You two are married now . He wouldn't let go of you for me ." Replied Shion .
"He doesn't have to . You may not know it but he is the son of the fourth hokage and one of the few remaining members of Uzumaki clan . According to law he has to take more than one wife to revive the line . And our Naruto has to revive 2 clans , Uzumaki and Namikaze so he will need all the help he could get ." Said Hinata as she saw surprise and a little happiness on Shion's face .
"So you are saying he can get in a relationship with me too?" Said Shion as Hinata just nodded . "But it is only if you allow me right ? " said Shion a little disappointed as she thought that .
"Anyone that loves Naruto-kun for what he is like I do is welcomed in our family . So tell me Shion , do you love him?" Said Hinata .
"Of course I do . When he came to my village , he continued to risk his life to save mine even though I had seen a vision about him dying . He was the cause my priestess powers bloomed and he also promised me to help me make a heir to my powers . As he never goes back on his word , I too don't want to be alone anymore in my life ." Said Shion full of emotions .
"That's all I needed to know . Welcome to the family Shion and I doubt Naruto will have any objections ."said Hinata as hearing this Shion jumped at her hugging her .
"Besides , I am pregnant and I will need someone to take care of his lust while I can't ." Said again Hinata making Shion blush .

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