Chapter 21.

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Scarlett's POV

The adrenaline was still pumping hard through my veins as I clambered up the last set of stairs leading to Damian's office. I quickly wiped the beads of sweat off my forehead, which had appeared. My teeth were gritted and my hands were clamped shut as I reached the top of the staircase. I was so pumped and full of adrenaline I didn't have the patience to wait for the elevator and chose the stairs almost immediately. The receptionist looked startled as I sped past her without so much as a greetin, she didn't stop me however. The determined look on my face probably put her off. 

Luckily I had been here before and avoided the awkward conversation of having to ask for directions for his office. As much as I wanted to run full pelt down the corridor I wanted to end this war with my dignity still intact. Several office workers had already flashed me disapproving looks. They were dressed in smart attire whilst I looked almost too casual. A group of them were stood whispering not so subtly to each other as I swerved past them, right now I really couldn't give a damn what anyone thought of me. 

I felt like I was on a mission, a spy seeking out the enemy but less dramatic. I pushed the sleeves of my hoodie up and over my elbows. The door to his office was now in clear view as I rounded the last corner of the corridor. My breathing was rapid and uneven, the palms of my hands were now clammy and my teeth were subconsciously grinding together in a painful manner.  

I stood outside the door for a few seconds, gathering my thoughts before ascending on my unknown fate. It probably would have been polite to knock and wait to be called in but I was in no position to offer him any of my manners. I grabbed the door handle forcefully and threw the door open. Damian jumped several feet in the air, off his swivel chair as I entered the room. I flung the door shut behind me with my foot; I didn't particularly want the whole office block to hear our fight that was inevitable to happen.

I stood my ground, silently observing his demeanour for a second or two. His surprised expression turned into a smug grin. My teeth were grinding closely together soon the enamel would be flaking. I breathed out deeply through my nose and took several steps forwards. He took a step back for every two I took. His confident expression was beginning to falter, amusing me. 

"Scarlett, what a pleasant surprise." He finally spoke however his tone made it crystal clear my unknown visit wasn't in fact pleasant.  "Oh I don't mean to be rude, please, have a seat." 

I raised my eyebrows up at me; his behaviour was becoming oddly suspicious. I stood my ground however and silently refused the gesture. 

"I have to admit, your performance yesterday was absolutely exquisite." His strange compliment threw me a little, I wasn't expecting it and sensed it wasn't completely honest. "No stage fright?" He chuckled sinisterly. I assumed this was his way of reminding me as to why I was currently in the mess I was in and he was also reminding me subconsciously of the consequences my actions could cause. But the funny thing was; I didn't care. 

"Cut the crap Damian." I shot back in a less impressed stern voice. I narrowed my eyes at the platinum blond man who began to wipe his sweat covered hands on the back of his jeans.  

"No need to get snappy. I was just asking a simple question." He was trying his best to sound innocent but at the same time vindictive. His little smirk was the icing on the cake. 

"Why?" I asked simply as I took another step forward, the closer I got to him the more power I felt for some reason. He couldn't back away much further, the window was only half a foot behind him.

"Why what Scarlett?" He chuckled as if I had asked a thoughtless question. I dug my heels into the ground, showing no sign of backing down. He wasn't much taller than me, an inch or two which made him appear a whole lot less threatening. 

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