Chapter 15

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baby harreh. such a cute baby. smile that pretty smile, princess.

It was weird waking up in Zayn's house. Which is funny since Harry is use to it and always sleeps over or has Zayn sleepover. However, it was weird because it wasn't just him. He saw Liam on the couch, passed out and Zayn on the floor. He must have been nice and let Liam sleep there, that's sweet.

Harry smiled sleepily and well, he noticed a hand was on his waist. It was so light and gentle; he almost didn't notice. Harry tensed, gulping when notice the small hand was tan and sun-kissed. It belonged to Louis, which had Harry blushing like a little girl talking to her crush. He never cuddled, this was very strange.

Now, Harry is the biggest cuddler on the planet. He loves to snuggle, be close and warm and all held. He especially loved being the little spoon. But, he never truly cuddled before. Sometimes he'd curl up with Zayn when watching 5 Seconds of Summer videos, but nothing romantically or with someone who he wanted to suck off.

You know, when he's older.

Cuddling with your crush? It was a dream come true. But, Harry was so tense and scared. What if Louis did this by accident? Sometimes people do things in their sleep without meaning to. This could be one of those moments and Harry panicked. He wiggled a bit and halted when Louis grumbled, arm suddenly wrapping fully around the boy.

Harry's heart was aching, dying to just turn over and tuck his head under the boy's chin. He wanted to kiss Louis awake and giggle and call him a sleepy sunshine. Cause, Louis is so sunny and gorgeous and fuck, Harry swore he's in love or something. It was just beautiful to wake up with your crush, despite the heartache from last night.

However, Harry was so gross and he didn't want Louis to wake up and see his hideous face in the morning. Harry has curly hair and anyone with curly hair knew how tangled and messy it can be in the morning. Also, he had eye boogies and morning breath and probably creases on his face from the pillow. He sometimes drools too, and like. That's not cute. Even if fanfics say it is, he knew it wasn't.

Thar's why Harry tried to sneak off. His plan was to get up, run to the bathroom and present himself more appropriately. However, Louis was clinging to him and he felt the boy's breath on his neck. Even if morning breath wasn't attractive, Louis' hot breath on his neck made him shiver and he gulped, morning wood more prominent.

Fuck, he hates being a boy. It's not like he had a sexy dream, and he didn't get turned on from just lying next to louis. Sometimes boys just wake up with it and he hated that. He was now embarrassed and timidly grabbed Louis' hand, hoping to move it without Louis waking from the move. Of course, life wasn't nice to Harry.

Because, just as he went to sneak off, Louis grumbled a bit and asked with a cute, morning voice,"Hm, what time s'it?"

"I uh," Harry looked down, hiding his gross face and grabbed Louis' phone. He pressed the button and said,"Ten thirty. I-I'm going to go um, wash up and go to the bathroom."

"Nooo, you can't wash your face when I lo—I mean, everyone else looks like shit," Louis retorted, his voice so scratchy and adorable. Harry timidly looked over, seeing Louis was pouting and aw. He's so cute. Harry wants to cuddle him so much.

Louis had messy bedhair, the usual flat hair now more ruffled and making him hot. His eyes were squinted a bit, crinkles by his eyes and lips pouted in protest of Harry leaving. The boy lifted his hand to rub at his eyes and Harry couldn't leave him. Not when he looks like this. Not when he wanted Harry to stay.

But, Harry nervously hid his face sneakily and cleared his throat,"I um. I just. My hair is so messy and curly, I need to fix it up a bit. Don't wanna look like trash."

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