Chapter 41 ~ Final

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Kellin's POV

"Can you believe our moms won't let us be together until tomorrow?" Vic said. We were currently lying in our bed cuddling.

The wedding is tomorrow afternoon and both of our mothers won't let us be together or see each other for that matter. They want our wedding to be as traditional as possible, no matter what Vic and I say, they won't listen to us.

Our bachelor party was last night, we both had a great time and I only know this because we decided to have both parties together. It's safe to say it was a total success.

I sighed and snuggled up closer to Vic.

"I know, but you know them." I said. Vic hummed in response.

"Are you excited?" Vic asked after awhile of just being in silence.

"Excited is not even close as to how I feel. But I'm also pretty nervous." I said. Of course I'm excited, I mean it's my wedding and Vic's gonna be my husband. How could I not be excited? This is literally my biggest dream, and it's about to come true. Words can't describe how I feel. I just know I'm so happy it hurts.

"I'm nervous too, but it's okay. I think it's normal. Don't worry babe, we're going to be just fine." He said. I smiled and hummed in agreement. I hugged him tighter and just enjoyed his presence all in all. It was some time in the afternoon, and the guys will come to get Vic and take him to their hotel room. I am not allowed to sleep with him tonight and we won't get to see each other until the wedding.

How sweet.

"Mike should be here any minute now, it's getting late." Vic said as he rubbed his hand on my back. I knew it was time for him to go but I didn't want him to. Can you blame me though?

And as if on cue, there was a knock at the door.

"Victor Fuentes get your ass over here before mom comes to get you!" Mike shouted.

"No, go away!" I yelled. Vic chuckled. "I'll be there in a minute Mike!" He said.

He sighed and pulled away from the hug. He stood up and went to grab his bag he packed with all the stuff he needs.

"Vic!" I whined. He turned to see me, I was sitting there pouting with my arms crossed. I was being ridiculous, that much I knew. But I was a clingy little shit and I didn't want Vic to leave.

"Babe we'll see each other tomorrow, and just think this, tomorrow we'll be no longer engaged. Tomorrow we'll be married." That did make me smile. He leaned in to give me a kiss.

"I love you." He whispered when he pulled back. I nodded and gave him a smile as well.

"I love you too." I said.

"I'll see you tomorrow okay." He said and kissed my forehead. I nodded once again.

"I'll be the one walking down the aisle." I said.


" Wake up, Kellin! Wake up!" Was the first thing I heard the next morning. Last night Alysha came to my room to tell me some details about the wedding and she ended up staying here so her voice was what woke me up.

"Oh my god Lysha, what time is it?" I groaned and hide my head under my pillow. It was too early for her shit. I mean I love her, but damn she's an early bird and I'm definitely not. Who wants to be out of bed early in the morning?

"Don't make me go for your mother Kellin. Get out of bed. You need a shower and get ready for the wedding. I'm going back to my room and get all my stuff so you better be out of that bed when I come back." She said before I heard the door close.

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