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Pen Your Pride

Obsession (Teen wolf Lydia+Scott Fan-Fic)

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The second the kiss ended he no longer looked at me.

 without even so much as a glance I was left there to pick up the melting pieces Scott had shattered.

 I thought if I kissed him it would make these annoying feelings for him go away...

 I thought it would fix me,

  But it just made everything worse.

 It took just one kiss,

 One kiss to melt me into a puddle of emotions so unfamiliar to me.

 Now days later I’m acting like a pathetic shy puppy

 Unable to explain the shivers I get when you walk by.

 I follow you with my eyes...

 with my body…

 making desperate attempts to have you look at me once,

 To watch me instead of Allison.

 Wondering if the feeling, if the image of our kiss haunts your mind like it does mine.

 “Please" I whisper. “I beg you…release me from whatever you’ve cast”

 And as I watch you approach Allison and see your smiles I close my

 eyes feeling the remnants of the old me slipping…

 burning a path down all too familiar now....


 “Please hurry Scott…before I fall in love with you.”


 Unable to take the torture anymore I quickly grab my things and head out away from the painful scene,


 not noticing that that Scott has turned around.....


Not noticing the confused and shocked look he had.....


Unable to understand that he had heard what I just said.

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