~Chapter 1~

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~Chapter 1~

"Hurry up!" my mom shouted at me as she lit a cigarrette.

"Sorry!" I shouted back as I quickly packed up all my things.  I was going to move in with my aunt because she lived close to the college I was going to go to.  College was still a year away, but my parents wanted to get rid of me as soon as possible.  Today was a big day, though, because I had never been outside of my house.  My parents are finally letting me go into the world, and be on my own.  It was all so amazing.  The trees, the flowers, the breeze, and I couldn't believe it. 

"Let's go,"  my aunt sounded annoyed.

I was so caught up in all of this.  I got in my aunt's car, and we drove away.  I felt kind of hurt because my mom didn't even say goodbye.  I ignored that thought, and started thinking about meeting other people.  It was such a huge leap, but I was ready.

                                                               *          *          *

"Okay, let's hurry up.  I've got to go in a couple of minutes,"  my aunt said as she parked the car.  She got out, and walked inside.

I hopped out of the car, and walked to the back of the car.  I opened the trunk, and heard voices.  I looked across the street to see a couple of girls who looked about my age.  They were spray-painting a car in the college's parking lot.  When they were done, they quickly ran away laughing. The car had red, blue, green, pink, and orange paint splattered all over it.

I looked back at my stuff that I needed to carry in.  I grabbed two bags, and then I heard somebody scream.

"WHAT HAPPENED TO MY CAR?!"  the voice screeched.  A lady in a suit threw her hands up in the air.

I ignored it, and started heading into my aunt's house.  I knew I probably should've said something, but it wasn't my problem.  Anyways, I was too excited about moving. 

*          *          *

When I got everything into my new room, I started to unpack.  I got tired quickly, and took a break.  I enjoyed snacking on whatever I wanted.  My aunt said I can eat whenever and whatever I want.  I had a lot more freedom.  My aunt was already gone, just like that.  I didn't really care, though, I was happy with my life. 

I grabbed a couple cookies, brownies, juice, and potato chips.  I sat on the couch, ate, and watched TV.  I never watched TV much at my old house.  We had a TV, but it only got several channels.  My aunt had much more money, and she had tons of channels to choose from. 

After a couple hours, my aunt came back home.  I heard the door open, and keys jingling as they got set down on the table.  "Are you unpackd?" my aunt asked me.

"Not yet,"  I replied while laughing at the TV show.

"Well you better get going,"  my aunt said.  I heard her heels walk across the wood floor. "You haven't unpacked nothing!" my aunt sounded angry.

"Sorry! I..I was busy..." I trailed off.

"With what?!" 


"The TV?!"


"Well get up right now, and unpack! I don't want to get over the edge, now!" 

"Yes m'am," I got up immediatly, and hurried to unpack. 

*          *          *

Later that night, I lay awake in my bed...thinking.  I wondered what it would be like to start college.  It wasn't very far away.  I never had any friends.  Just my brothers, and I didn't consider them friends.  More like enemies.  Well, I would soon find out.

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