The picture is of Cassi Noelon (Megalyn Echikunwoke)

The Psychic Study


4. The Miracle

    The heartbeat on the monitor sped up as we entered. The girl on the bed was staring with her deep brown eyes wide. Her normally olive toned skin was white, wires and IV tubes coming out of her. Her wildly curly hair was laid around her head. Cyrus was hiding behind us, not wanting to see her, while me and Henry were in clear view. Jaylean walked past us to sit beside Cassi, grabbing her hand and squeezing it in hers. Cassi’s head turned to her, tears budding in her eyes.

‘I’m awake! I can see you! Jaylean!’ Her voice was hoarse and her face was colouring slowly. Jaylean called a nurse, never leaving Cassi’s side longer than a second. The tubes were taken out of her one by one. The one connected to her heartbeat stayed, the slow rhythm of it sounding the room.

    She wouldn’t look at any of us. Cyrus in particular. I guess the last thing she would remember was that night. Oh, god. She must really hate me. And by the look she’s giving me, I can be certain of just that.

‘Cassi, I—‘I started to speak but she turned her head. She looked so sad, it made me stop.

‘Don’t. Please, don’t. I can’t talk to you about that yet.’ Her voice cracked. Her olive skin was back to its natural colour. I could understand that. Then I fell silent, everyone copying, even Jaylean didn’t speak. She just held Cassi’s hand.

‘Cass, what’s it like? Were you just asleep?’ Jaylean asks after half an hour. I swallowed. I knew everyone was curious but I didn’t really want to ask. She turned to Jaylean with a little smile on her lips.

‘I heard you. Talking to me, trying to get me to wake up. It was so weird. Only, I was awake, Jaylean. I heard everything around me. Doctors saying I might not wake up. My mind should have been asleep. My guess is, it’s either because I’m Psychic, or because of Cyrus’ powers. I did hear you, reading to me, filling me in on everything I was missing.’ She took her hand out of Jaylean’s and glided it along her face. Jaylean’s eyes closed.

    Then Cassi turned to where the three of us were standing. ‘And you three just stand there. Cyrus Wolfin, moping and hiding behind everyone so that you don’t have to face me. Henry Sane, not sure where to put himself. And Ruby Cilelyn, who can probably see what I’m thinking right now. One thing though. Still with Cyrus or have you gone back to Henry?’ She was looking straight at me now, keeping her eyes level with mine. Oh, god! She was furious!

‘Neither. Me and Henry split up after you were taken away that night. It’s complicated. Me and Cyrus lost contact, I mean he went to prison. When the police came they arrested him, they thought Cyrus attacked you. I moved in with my Aunt Sue-Ann in Florida. And someone came with me. Remember the boy I told you about, the one who pulled me and Audrey out of the car when it crashed? Well, I’m dating him. He found me just before I was leaving, and decided he wanted to come with me. Also, no, I can’t see what you’re thinking. I’m blocking it; I don’t want to invade in your mind. You’ve been through enough without me fishing around in your head.’ I could tell she was shocked.

    Before she could answer a doctor walked in and interrupted.

‘Sorry to bother you but; who here is a Miss Jaylean Stevenson?’ He was looking from me to Jaylean.

‘I am. Why’d you ask?’ She said in a small voice. Her black hair was falling loose around her face.

‘We’d just like to ask you a few questions.’ As he and Jaylean made their way out of the room I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. Cassi seemed saddened without Jaylean there by her side. I smiled kindly. She and Jaylean were like family, always have been.

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