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Five Reasons I Wouldn't Last in a Zombie Attack!

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Hey this is my first post on WattPad and i decided to do something fun and I saw GrimReader's "Seven Reasons I'd Die in a Zombie Apocalyse" so I wanted to make my own. I asked she said she was completely fine doing one of my own!

Five Reasons I'd Die in a Zombie Apocalyse

Reason #1: I'm a Scaredy cat!!!

 I have a fear of being chased and murdered grusmly so my main way of trying to survive would be to hide and go some where not infected because i wouldn't be able to take the stress and fear of slowly but surly being hunted down and well... eaten and if I soon discovered that I could hide and quite literally rather die at my own hands quickly then to be slowly killed (thats how i imagine it to be)  

Reason #2: I'm a girl (This was also one of Grimreader's reasons and I just utterly agreed) 

Now don't get me wrong i'm not saying being a girl is a disadvantage but I'm one of them who may not be scared of bugs but can't play a fighter video game without freaking!!! I remember playing a wrestling game with my sister and she would tell any of the buttons and the only way I beat is I did random pressing (as you do) and actally found out how to do speacicl moves.  

Reason #3: Stress!!!

 If you haven't guessed I have major stress when it comes to scary situation like oh let me think... Killing scary undead people!!! for an example so i tend to stick with fun puzzle games like Portal or rea-life simulation like The Sims 1/2/3.

Reason #4: Sleep. 

I have one of the most sleeping patterns. I'm up at this hour then i fall asleep and don't wake up tis this one and just an endless circle!

Reason#5: Pets! 

I love my Dog, Eleanor Stacy Vanderbelt but we just call her Ellie (her in the picture on the side) and I would definitely NOT leave her I would rather stay for just a few more hours, love my dog and then be eaten then leave and wonder what happened to her. 

Thanks for reading,


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