Liking It

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Lani POV

"Let's try it. You realize we will have to keep doing this. We have to get used to it. Try to make.. it...uh...Passionate." Malcolm says, slightly eager, if I had to guess.

I nod and lean in faster. When his lips touch mine, I feel ecstatic and want to hold him closer to me. Great. The crush on him is coming back. Eh whatever. He has a crush on me anyway. I break away.

I have to tell him I like him.  I can tell he likes me, but I'm still scared for some reason. I tilt my head and grin at him. I hate keeping secrets. I have to tell him.

"That kiss was good, I think. It probably looked like we're actually a couple"

"That wasn't a practice." 

We kiss again. When we break apart we awkwardly look at each other for a few seconds.

"Malcolm. I don't want to keep this a secret anymore. I have to tell you something. I've been thinking this since I first met you, and you probably already know what I'm about to say, but-" I said.

"Do you like me?" He asks. I glance up at him.

"Yeah. I have since I first saw you. That's what I was going to say just know." I answer.

"You can probably tell I like you also." Malcolm responds.

"Yeah. You're really bad at hiding it."

He laughs and pulls me into him again.

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