Kissing in the Creek

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Malcolm POV

Well, it's just so great! Young love is just adorable. Anyway, I know this might sound a bit crazy, but I want you to kiss." Caroline says.
"What?!" We say at the same time.
"It is just so cute!" Caroline responds.
"Can we go outside for a sec?" I ask.
Yay! We might get to kiss! We go outside and she actually agrees! I am so excited. We walk back in holding hands. Lani leans in slowly and I want to pull her to me and kiss her, but I just lean in slowly also. When our lips touch, I feel a little hop in my stomach. I love the kiss, and she makes it even better when she puts her arms around me and pulls me closer. We break away, and I want to keep going. Caroline is tearing and we stare at her. She lets us go out.
I still can't believe I ACTUALLY kissed her! I keep waiting and she finally comes.
"I hate to say it, and I know we will both be upset over this, but we have to practice." I state.
Yes! I get to kiss her again!
"I know. That kiss was not believable at all. I don't mind. I enjoyed it." Malcolm responds. I wonder if she noticed my flirting.
"Great flirting. Very subtle," Lani drawls sarcastically.
"Let's try it. You realize we will have to keep doing this. We have to get used to it. Try to make it... Uh...Passionate." I reply.
She nods and leans in faster than the first time. This time I push my lips against hers and she pushes back. Our bodies are almost completely touching. I like this kiss more. She breaks away.
"That was so good! Ok. I think we are good." She gazes at me and then snaps back."A few more wouldn't hurt."
We both lean in and this time the kiss is super believable. She pushes closer and I think about what she just said. She acts like she likes has a crush on me. I really think she does.

Word Count: 355

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