(11) ~ the date pt.2 ~

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We sat there and watched a movie in the boot of Tony's car. He brought a blanket and some pillows and turned the boot into like a comfy bed. Halfway through the movie you snuggle up to him and he lays his arm around you. After he movie is finished  you look at the clock. " it's nearly 12" you say tiredly. He just grunted and got up. " time to get you home I guess" he said sadly and hopped out of the boot. You where cheeky and took the blanket along with you to the passengers seat. " warm there?" He said smiling. You nodded. ~ why does she have to be so cute~ he thought to himself and drove to Gibbs. " here  you are my lady" he said and opened the door for me to get out. " but I'm warm. " you say laughing and he picked you up and puts you over his shoulders. " put me down " you whisper laughing and he puts you down and he kisses your forehead. " tonight was fun. Let's do it again sometime" he said. " yeah. " you said and went to the door. "Bye" you said and watched him drive of then opened the door quietly. Gibbs was obviously down in the basement because the basement light was one. " good night Gibbs" you said sneaking down there quietly. " goodnight sweetheart" he said and looked at you and you climbed back up the stairs and changed to your pjs. You looked through the photos on your phone of you and tony and smiled. You turned it off and snuggled into bed ready for the next day.

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