(10) ~ the date ~

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That day on the way out DiNozzo caught up to you in the elevator. " well. What time do I pick you up?" He asked. " let's see.... 6?" You asked and he nodded. " it's a date" he said happily. " technically it is" you said laughing and walked out the doors and to Gibbs car. " Gibbs, do you mind if I go out tonight? A friend wants to see me" you asked him and he looked over. " sure. You don't have to ask. Just say your going out and when u will be back" he said concentrating on driving. You got home and changed into your jeans, you ankle books and  a pretty and warm turquoise sweater with a folded over neck. I put my phone in its silicon marble design case. " my favorite case. I finally found you" you said chucking. You looked over at the clock. " crap. 5:55" you said and brushed your hair and finished getting ready in 3 mins. " bye Gibbs. Cya later" you said and gave him a hug then ran out the door. " you look lovely" he said smiling as you closed the door. Just as you got outside you bumped into tony. " hello there" he said smiling and you smiled back. " hello. Just made it out" you whispered. " you look pretty" he said looking down at what you where wearing. " not to bad yourself" you say. " let's go" he said and turned around to his car. You climbed into the passenger seat and he climbed into the drivers. I looked around his car. " you keep a knife with you? In your car?" You asked him shocked. " rule no. 9: never go anywhere without a knife" he replied back. " got it" you said laughing silently. " that day I meat you. Why did you have a knife?" He asked you. " I've always had it with my ever since I started high school and had to walk home. My dad thought I would be a target because my parents where in the navy. Put I only really used it once, and that was that day" you explained. " it is handy to have a knife" he said and he pulled up Infront of a drive in. " nice choice" I said agreeing on where he chose. " what movie?" He asked. " any. You choose" you said and he chose one and drives through and parks directly Infront of the screen.

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