(9) ~ new friends ~

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The elevator blinged and the doors opened to reveal blaring music. You stepped out of the elevator. " oh hey Gibbs. I worked out what type of bullets where used to ki..." Abby started then turned around at looked at me. " your not Gibbs" she said sadly and you shook  your head. " but this box is from Gibbs" you say and place it on a table. " I'm (Y/N)" you said holding out your hand. " Abby" she said and shook your hand. You listened  to the music closely. " nice music you got on" you said and she looked at you smiling. " you like it?" She asked amazed. You nodded and she gave you a big hug. " glad someone else does" she says happily. I looked down at the piece of paper. " do you know where this room is?" You asked her and she looked at it. " down the hall and to your left" Abby said. " thanks. It was nice meeting you" you say and head for the door. " same. Come visit anytime" she said and waved as you went out the door. You found the room you where looking for. You nocked and a strange man opened the door. " hello there" he said and let you in. " I'm dr. Palmer" he said smiling. " and this is dr. Mallard" he added and escorted you to the other dr. " hello" he said in a calming voice. " I'm dr. Mallard but you can call be ducky!" He said putting his hand out. " I'm (Y/N). Use nice to meat both of you" you said and shook his hand. " how are you going with the case!" You ask ducky. " good actually. Your parents where very healthy and would of had a happy life ahead of them" he explained looking at them then at you. You looked at them sadly. " I'm terrible sorry" he said trying to comfort to. " it's fine. Where gonna find who killed them" you said. After a while of listening to ducky's  stories you decided to get something to eat. You arrived back at the bullpen.
" anyone hungry?" You said and pulled out your purse. " a bag a chips please" DiNozzo said. " just a coffee thanks" Gibbs said. " McGee. You want anything?" You ask looking at him. He shot his head up. " huh oh no thanks. Thanks anyway" he said and continued. You nodded and headed off for the vending machines. As you walked past DiNozzo he watches you and you ignore it. You disappear into the orange room again and order a coffee and while you wait for it to be made you get a random pack of chips and a apple from the fruit bowl. You choose  the best looking one and took it with you. Just as you arrived at the coffee station the coffee was being placed for you to take. " thanks" you said and the girl smiled at you. " have a nice day" she said " you to" You said back and took the coffee. You walk back and give DiNozzo his chips. " thanks" he said happily and started to eat them. " here Gibbs. Your coffee. Unharmed" you said smiling. " that's sweetheart" he said and took it out of your hands. You looked at your desk. " where's my sketch book" you said looking around and They all smirked. " your an amazing artist" DiNozzo said holding it up. You looked at him half irritated and half happy. " give it back" you said and he smiled. " give it back DiNozzo" Gibbs said smiling. DiNozzo grunted and handed it to you. He looked at you still smiling. You placed it on your desk and a note fell out. You picked it up and read it.
•Hey there, I was wondering if you wanted to go do something tonight?
From, DiNozzo•
You plonked the note on the table and looked at him. " seriously" you said. " what?" Gibbs said. You picked up the notebook and showed him DiNozzo's scribbles. Gibbs just laughed. " what?" DiNozzo and McGee said at the same time and I turned the paper over to them. McGee laughed and DiNozzo looked at me. " so?" He mouthed. You nodded and he smiled happily then he burst out laughing. " last time I trust you with my sketchbook" you said laughing put it away along with the note in your bag. 

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