(8) ~ first day ~

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" (Y/N), come on. Time to go" you heard Gibbs yell and you came rushing out still in the jumper he gave you and jumped in the car just as Gibbs stepped on the gas. We arrived at the Ncis building and Gibbs showed his badge. " she's with me" he said and he guard let us both in. He lead me into a elevator that sent us up into a large orange room. You looked around still following Gibbs. We arrived at the bullpen and he looked at me. " sit in that empty desk next to me. That's your desk for now" he said and you nodded. You looked around at the place and sore DiNozzo and McGee looking at you. You meet there gaze and gave a small smile. " hello there" they both said in sync. " hey" you said and put your bag down behind the desk and pulled out your laptop and your sketch book. You sat the laptop on the desk and started to draw. " did you work out who those two people were this morning you two?" McGee asked and I looked over and nodded. " there names are Jeffery and Debby" Gibbs said. " they worked with my parents. The man aka Jeff was my mums boss. The lady aka Debby worked with my dad as a co-worker back when he was in his early stages of training. They both didn't like my parents" you added in looking at McGee and he jotted down every piece of info. Gibbs wrote something down on a piece of paper and handed it to me. " go explore. Make some friends" he said and you put your laptop in your bag leaving leaving your sketchbook open. You placed the bag on your chair and pushed it in. " oh and while your down at the lab can you take this" he added handing you a box of evidence. " sure" you said and headed for the elevator. DiNozzo got up to follow " SIT DiNozzo" Gibbs growled  and he sat back down. You look back at him and wave goodbye then disappear  down to Abby.

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