A brother's bond: Chapter 1: The Past

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this is a co-writing story we will post some info of our other acconts later!!! but enjoy

A Brother’s Bond (BoyxBoy)

Chapter 1:

The Past

Kasper’s P.O.V

"Soooo Kassie?? What did you do in school today?" My big brother kaden Asked. He’s 12 and I’m 10. But back to him, I hate that nick-name. It’s a girl name.

"Kadennnn" I whined, "Kassie is a Girl’s Name" He smiles and shakes his head, "Maybe, but I’m older so I can call you that, butt Kassie, how was school?"


I shrug, "School is School..." A devious smile comes into his face, "tell me and we can get ice cream...” I jump, I love ice cream.

What 10 year old doesn’t?

I pouted still; "Fine, I drew a picture today" I ended with a smile on my face.

"Can I see?" he asks I shake my head, "Maybe later."

And then we both head to the ice cream shop.

I shake my head to try to get rid of the of the tears, That memory seems decades ago, but only a few years have passed, Maybe 7 I think? I’m now 17 and that bond we had was broken.

As the years passed, he stopped. Around when I was 13 I think?

Stopped picking me up,

Stopped Asking how my day way,

Stopped getting ice cream with me

And Stopped Calling Me Kassie.

At first I didn’t know what happen, being only 11 almost 12 I just didn’t know. Then I Figured it out, He became popular, he became "Hot" In the eyes of girls, but to me, He became cold.

He wasn’t My Brother Anymore.

Enough of my depression.

My Name Is Kasper, Kaden was my older brother. He still is in a physical sense but mentally no.

I’m 17 at the moment, I love drugs and sex.

It’s my only escape.

I moved with my dad when I couldn’t stand kaden anymore.

I’m freaking out though; I have to move back in with my mom and her new husband. But her husband isn’t what’s freaking me out.

It’s the fact that kaden lives there.


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