(7) ~ the next day ~

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" Hey, wake up" Gibbs said giving you a gentle shake. " huh I'm up" you said suddenly sitting up and rubbing your eyes. " come on. It's time to get up" he said smiling and you looked at the clock. " but it's 6:30" you moaned and he chuckled. " exactly. I need your help" he said and grabbed your hand pulling you out of bed and putting you in a dressing gown and pulling you down he hall. " I'm now awake" you said finding the strength to move your legs without being dragged. " what did you need my help for?" You asked and he showed you a picture of a man and a lady. " do these people look familiar?" He asked and you looked at them with wide eyes. " one of them is my dads co-worker. The man used to be my mums boss" you said looking at them closely " do you know there names?" He asked. You shook your head. " I only met them once. They seamed really mean though" you said. " WAIT" you yelled looking at them closer. " what?!" Gibbs said. " now I remember. Sorry I do know there names.the mans name is Jeffery and the ladies is Debby" you said and Gibbs gave you a big hug. " thanks a lot" he said and you hugged him back . " you can have breakfast now" he said letting go and put  your favorite breakfast on the table along with a glass of milk. " thank you" you said sipping the milk. " I made you something last night after you went to bed. Come down to the basement once your done" he said happily and walked off to the basement. You finished a short time later and packed everything away then headed down to Gibbs. " there you are. Here come sit" he said and pulled a seat and Tou scurried down and plopped your but on the seat. " wait here. Close your eyes" he said and came back and out something in your hands. " open" he said and you looked down to see a bow made of wood. " woah. I've always wanted one of these" you screamed happily holding it. " and I got you these" he said handing you 10 arrows. You looked up at him smiling. " you know what this means" you said and he pulled out a old target and you placed the arrow in the bow and pulled back aiming for the target. Gibbs was behind you watching. You let go of the arrow and it flies through the air landing directly in the bullseye. " BULLSEYE" Gibbs yelled happily and I looked at it shocked that I got it on my first try. " your good with a hammer, good with a knife and now a bow and arrow. I'm very impressed " he said with a huge smile on his face. You turned around and bowed and you both started laughing. " alright. It's now 7:30. I think it's time for work" he said." I got school" you said to him. " haha no u don't. You have such good grades the school let me pull you out for a while as long as you will keep studying" he said happily and handed me a jacked with NCIS written on the back and I gasped in happiness and put it on. " an agent in the making" he said and as soon  as you   Heard that you turned around and have him a huge hug.

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