(6) ~ a new home~

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" alright. Let's go. Ducky continue on the body's. Bag them once your done" Gibbs said and I grabbed my stuff. " got everything? " he asked and you nodded. He smiled and opened the door and you walked out to Gibbs car and he put the boot up allowing you to place your stuff in the back. You took a deep breath in and the out. " goodbye home" you said and opened the door to the car. You climbed in and closed the door. Gibbs climbed in the drivers seat and drove off soonly followed by McGee and DiNozzo turning the other direction. After a while Gibbs pulled up in his driveway. " here we are. Your new home" he said happily to you. " thank you very much for looking after me Gibbs. I really appreciate it" you said smiling. " it's ok. Anytime" he said and you climbed out the door and collected your stuff and waited for him to unlock the front door. He came over and unlocked the door opening it for you to go in. You stepped in and looked around. " this is nice" you said and placed the bag of groceries you had on his kitchen table. " right this way" he said and lead you down a short hallway to your room. " here we go. Make yourself at home" he said happily and opened the door and left for the kitchen. You walked in and looked around shocked. " it's huge" you said to yourself and placed your pillow on the double bed. " OO a walk in wardrobe" you said opening the door to the wardrobe and you stated unpacking your clothes hanging them on coat hangers. You placed your shoes on a cabinet that has fabric on top. Once you finished there you opened another door and it lead into a small bathroom. " OO I got my own bathroom" you said happily and unpacked your bathroom stuff.
" done" you said placing the last book in one of the boxes on the bed. You walked out and looked around. The bag was still on the bench. ~ I will be nice and put it away~ you thought happily and put the shopping away in the fridge and the fruit in the fruit bowl that was on the bench. You looked around and couldn't find Gibbs. " down here" you head Gibbs yell and you followed his voice. It lead you down into a huge basement where Gibbs what building a boat. You looked at it in amazement.
" woah" you said walking down the stairs. " I know" he said looking at me. " mind helping?" He asked holding a spare hammer. You felt a jolt of happiness go through you and you nodded taking the hammer when he gave it to you. After a few hours you relaxed back on a chair with a glass of milk while Gibbs had a glass of whiskey. " that was fun. Your good with a hammer. I'm impressed." He said looking at you. " well, me and my dad used to always build stuff in the garden when I was younger. Then they got sent to sea and I didn't sea them very often." You explained.
" that's terrible " he said to you and he gave you a hug. You looked down at your watch. " it's 11. I think it's time for bed" you say yawning. " your easy " he said astonished. " when I'm tired I'm tired" you laughed and got up and walked to bed. You snuggled down finding  the bed was actually extremely comfy.

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