(5) ~ packing ~

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A few hours later you had finished with the camera and handed it back to DiNozzo. " thanks" he said and you smiled. ~ geeez she's pretty~ he thought to himself.  You remembered the food you had in your backpack and you picked your backpack up and got them out plopping them on the kitchen table. " you won't be needing them here" you head Gibbs say. " what ya got?" He asked. " I got some apples, bananas and a carton of milk. We kinda ran out" you said half laughing. " bring them with you back to my place. Could use some milk. We have a bit of a milk monster in my house" he said laughing. " that describes my life" you said laughing along with him. " go pack your stuff now. We will leave soon" he said and you nodded running down the hall. " hey DiNozzo" you said passing him and running up the stairs and he looked at you and laughed. You pulled out your black suitcase from under your bed. " good bye home" you said sadly and opened your drawers neatly folding tour clothes in. You placed your toiletry bag in and your school uniform and zipped it shut. You picked your favorite books off the shelf and put them in the front pocked of the suitcase. You walked over to  your bed and picked up the picture of you and your mum and dad. You sighed sadly and put it in a separate bag with all your devices and favorite things. " done" you said and put the extra bag over your neck and pulled your suitcase along with your pillow down stairs. You got to the bottom and had to fix the suitcase because it jammed. " you alright there?" You head a voice and turned around to see DiNozzo. " I should be" you said and pulled the suitcase off and it sent you flying into DiNozzo's arms. " of course your ok" he said helping you up. " thank you." You Say looking at him and pick the suitcase off of the ground. " here. Let me fix it" DiNozzo said still standing next to you and he took hold of the suitcase and fixed the wheel. " thank you again" you said laughing a bit and wheeled it to the door. You left your suit case and stuff near the door with your school bag. " rule no. 9: never go anywhere without a knife" McGee said coming up behind you with your knife in its pocket. " thank you very much" you said as he handed it to you and you stuffed it in your bag. " done" you said brushing the dust off you that came from the suitcase.

Hello there .i really hope you are enjoying this book. I just can't stop writing new chapters now. OOPS •3•. Anyways the chapters are gonna start getting longer. I'm terribly sorry but I didn't realize how long I was making them. :)

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