Chapter 24

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(Anna's P.O.V)

I wake up to knocking at the door, I get up trying to not wake up Nate. I open the door and see one of the officers from yesterday. He was taller then me, he has short brown hair covering his forehead. His eyes where a light brown color, His name tag said Officer Jackson. "How may I help you officer?" I ask looking at him. "Is Nathan Smith home?" he asks standing up tall. "Yeah let me wake him up." I say then walk over to Nate. "Nate, wake up." I say shaking him. "I don't wanna." he says grabbing onto the couch pillow. "Someone needs to talk to you." I say. "Really, who?" He asks sitting up. "You can come in." I say. Officer Jackson walk in and looks at Nate. "Are you Nathan Smith?" He asks. "Yes." Nate says looking at him. "We talked to your parents yesterday and they told us you ran away from home, and that they where trying to take you back home. Then you pushed you dad down." He says looking at Nate. "That's a lie! I left there because I hate them, They would always get drunk and yell at me and hurt me for no reason!" Nate says standing up. I get a text from a blocked number, 'If you want you little boyfriend to live say that he is lying and the Officer is telling the truth, or else he will have to die like your brother...' "They said that you might start lying, Now I need you to come with me." Jackson says. "I am not lying! Ask Anna." He says then they both look at me. What do I do, I don't want Nate to get hurt but i don't want him to go with his parents. If I say he is lying he leave and he hates me, but if i tell the truth Nate is going to get hurt... "Anna?" Nate asks looking at me. "H-he is...." I try to say. "Mr. Smith please come with me, Your parents are taking you to LA." He says grabbing Nate's arm. Nate looks at me with tears in his eyes, "Let him go!" I say without thinking. "His parents want him to go home." The Officer says. "They are lying, They hate him." I say looking at the ground. "What proof do you have?" He asks me letting go of Nate. I want to show him the text, But I am scared. I don't want Nate to get hurt, I love him to much. If I show him the message he could get killed, But if I don't his parents will hurt him. "Tell him Anna, Tell him my parents are lying." Nate says. I look at him then Jackson, then I froze. I don't know what to do, I am so confused. I don't want him to get hurt, I just don't know. I feel a tear fall from my eye, I don't wipe it away. I stand there for a bit then I feel someones arms wrap around me. "It's okay." Nate says hugging me. He let's go and grabs my phone and nods. I look at him and he unlocks the phone and shows the officer. Office Jackson nods, "We will put your parents in jail now for threat and abuse, Good day." He says then walks out. "How did you know?" I ask Nate  . "I saw you look at you phone, and I knew something was bugging you when you could't tell him a bought my parents." He says then looks at me. "I am sorry, I just don't want you to get hurt." I say looking at the ground. "And I don't want you to get hurt because of me." He says. I look at Nate and kiss him on his cheek.

It's been a few months since Nate's parents where put in jail, now its only 6 months till graduation, Nate and I have now been dating for 5 months and I am couldn't be anymore happy.Nate and I are sitting on the couch watching Big hero 6 and we here a knock on the door. I get up and see Officer Jackson. "Yes?" I ask then Nate gets up and walks next to me."We have news about your parents." He says looking at Nate. "What about them?" Nate asks looking at him. "They are't your real parents, They took you when you were a kid. My partner found your real parents, they are at the station waiting for you,If you can come with me so you can see them." He says then walks to his car. Nate stands there for a bit before following him. I stay at home so Nate can meet his real parents. I watch Netflix and play some video games for a few hours waiting for Nate to get home. I check the time 12am, where is he? 

I sit on the couch and watch a random movie after 30 minuets I hear the door open. "Hey Nate!" I say standing up. "Oh hey." He says then walk to his room. "Nate?" I say following him. "I am tired, I had a long day catching up with my real parents." He says looking at me. "Oh okay. Then good night." I say. "Anna.. They want me to move in with them." He says. "A-are you going to?" I ask him. "Yeah!" He say smiling. "Oh.." I say looking at the ground. "Whats wrong?" He asks. "I just don't want you to leave." I say looking up at him. "Why just because I am your boyfriend. I don't have to live with you." He says getting mad. "Nate you nineteen you can live on your own!" I say. "Your eighteen, You can live on your own to." He says crossing his arms. "So your really moving in with them." I say. "Yes I am!" He says walking in to his room. "Why?" I ask. "Because I want to live a normal life with my parents! Unlike you yours died in a car crash and so did your only brother!" Nate says looking at me with a mad expression. I look up at him with tears in my eyes. He's right my parents are dead and my brother my family is gone. All I have is Nate, but he's leaving now I have no one anymore. "Yeah I went there." Nate says. "You know what fine leave, I don't care." I say then walk to my room. I lay on my bed and cry, I thought Nate would always be there for me, He would never remind me of what happen. He would make all the pain go away, But no he never changed he is still the same heartless jerk, But I love him. I just don't know what to do. My phone buzzes and I pick it up, A text from Nate. 'I am moving with them and if you don't like it then I guess where through.' I look at my phone and start to cry, I text back saying 'FINE!  I WAS SO WRONG TO EVER LOVE YOU, YOU JUST A JERK. YOU NEVER CHANGED.I HATE YOU NATHAN SMITH' I send it then throw my phone across the room. I lay down and cry till I fall asleep. I lost Nate.......


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