One: Moving and Meeting

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Your P.O.V
"Yes...ok.....I know that.... Ok bye Jess" I had just got off the phone with Jess and she was telling me not to talk to strangers, don't get in random people's cars, all that stuff.

I looked at the time on my phone, 8:12. <sigh>I needed to get to the airport by 8:30 to get on to the plane by 9:00 to get to Washington by noon. I called my brother, Julius to drive me to the airport.

~Time skip ~

"Thanks for letting me live with you until I can get my own house" I thanked Jess. "No problem your my best friend and I missed you so much, oh and I have a few people you should meet" Jess replied. "Oh ok I'd love to meet them"

After I had spent a couple hours relaxing and just getting used to the environment and time zones and stuff Jess insisted that we should go and meet her friends and to be honest I kinda wanted to meet them sound fun and cool and I kinda only knew Jess And Jason along with their kids.

"I think that your gonna like them, there just like you" Jess said before walking into a building with me following. "So let me get this straight, they're Also youtubers?" I asked. "Yes, haven't you ever heard of SkyDoesMinecraft?" She asked. "Well yeah I sometimes watch him, he's part of the reason why I started my channel" I answered. "Well SkyDoesMinecraft is one of the people" she said smirking cause she knew I'd would be fangirling in a minute.

"Okay so these are the offices and this is Adam's office but he's recording with two of the other people I was going to show you so I'll just show you Alesa." Jess said walking me around.

Jess introduced me to Alesa and after a while of talking Adam, and two other men walked into the room we were in. "Hey Jess, who's this?" Adam asked. "This is (y/n) and she's going to be staying here forever" Jess said hugging me when she said forever. "Are you (y/c/n)s?" The man who I now know is Barney from his accent asked. "Why yes I am and are you Barney?" I asked him. "So you watch us then?" Adam asked. "No I only what SkyDoesMinecraft But I just know it's Barney from the Accent" I explained.

  We all chatted for a while and I learned that the other man standing next to him was Ross and he was quite cute. After a couple hours of randomness and having fun we decided to meet up in a couple days over at Adam and Alesa's place to watch a couple of movies.

  We were on the way back to Jess' place and it was silent except for the faint sound of  Justin Bieber's :Sorry playing on the radio. "So that Ross" "What about him?" Jess asked. "Does he have a girlfriend?" I asked. "That's kinda funny you would ask that because just last week he got one" Jess said trailing off.

   My heart sunk, even though we had just met I still felt a small attraction to him. "Oh" I mumbled. "But I don't really like her none of us do" Jess remarked. "Oh why" I asked. "We just feel like she's using him for his money " "Ohhhh"

  I stayed up till almost 3:00 in the morning thinking about how I felt about Ross, I didn't know if i was just confused or what but I what I did know was that I needed some sleep so I dozed off.

   Hey guys omg I'm sorry that there wasn't that much interaction with Ross but I know that in the next chapter there will be more interaction I promise ❤️❤️ and don't worry about Ross' girl friend I could probably get her out of the story by the third chapter, but don't worry I have this all planned out! 😊😊😊 So yeah Bye! ❤️❤️

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