Last Friday Night (song parody for TMI)

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Clary: Last Friday night,
Jace: Yeah, we danced on tabletops,
Simon: Sexy vampire mojo's hot,
Magnus: Should've worn pants but I forgot,
Izzy: Last Friday, night.
Everyone: Yea, we think we broke some hearts,
Jace: We got kicked out of the bars, so Luke let us in his house,
Simon: Last Friday night
Jace: Yeah, went streaking down the street after some faerie good treats,
Izzy: Never eat the faerie food!
Clary: Last Friday Night!
Jace: The law is hard but it's the law
Clary: And we're never gonna stop-op- oh- oh
Izzy: This Friday night!

Alec: We're not doing it again!

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