(4) ~ the crime scene~

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You looked at the door worriedly and grabbed the knife from your bag and took it out of its pocket and held it in your hand. You grasped the door nob, it was still a bit warm. ~someone's here~ you thought to yourself and slowly opened the door.
" drop your weapons" you heard and looked around at the people in the house confused. " ok calm down" you said and stabbed the knife into the table right next to the door and put your backpack down. You pulled your hair behind your ear and looked up. " what are you doing here?" You heard someone ask you. " I live here" you answered and the man put his hand out, " I'm special agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs" he explained calmly and you shook his hand. " I'm (Y/N) ( L/N)" you said with a half smile on your face. " I'm special agent Timothy
McGee. But you can call me McGee" another man said about the same age as you. " (Y/N). But you can call me ( y/n or n/n)" you said happily to him. " so, why are you guys here" you ask Gibbs. " come see for yourself" he said and lead you into the kitchen. There lay your parents. One laying in a pool of blood and the other there against the wall. You gasped and looked at them. " I'm terribly sorry" you head McGee say behind you and you nodded. " your not upset?" Gibbs asked. " yeah I am. Very. It's just I'm trying to work out in my head how they would end up like this. I'm currently studying this type of stuff" you said looking down at them confused. Suddenly another tall man the same age as you walks in. " oh hello there" he said to you. You nodded and avoided eye contact. "I'm special agent Anthony DiNozzo. But you can call me DiNozzo" he said holding his hand out. " I'm (Y/N). But you can call me (Y/N or N/N)" you said going to shake his hand but he pulled you up and he kissed your hand gently. You looked at him confused and he let go smiling. You sighed and looked back down at your parents. " wait you are studying this type of stuff?" Gibbs said shocked. " six years. But studying properly for 4 years and straight A's all the way through ." You said nodding proudly. He looked at you impressed. " what am I going to do?" You said outloud. " I will look after you" Gibbs said laying a hand on your shoulder trying to comfort you. " thank you" you said and got up catching DiNozzo staring at you. " can I help you?" You asked and he woke up back to reality. " huh. Oh yeah Um, what are your parents names?" he asked you nervously.
" my dads name is Mick. And my mums is Amanda" you said watching him write down stuff quickly. " here. Seeing you are studying this stuff. You can help for a little till we work out what to do with you" Gibbs said and handed you a camera. " thanks?" You said and helped DiNozzo take photos.

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