Your Backstory {Preference}

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Jojen Reed: You were in house Stark before you met Jojen while running away with Bran when the Boltens took over Winterfell. You were a naughty girl sort of like your sister Arya you hated being a lady. You always acted like one of the boys riding horses playing with swords and bows and arrows for your seventh birthday your mother gave up. Your father got you a bow and arrow and your brother Robb got you a sword.

Jonsnow: You were a bastard as well a snow. No one liked you, your mother died when you were very little your father was some King in Westoros lots of people said your father was evil you thought Joffrey for awhile but you looked nothing like him you had dark hair and green eyes like your mother. Your mothers name was Arianne. (;) for anyone who reads Winds Of Winter my fanfic)

Robb Stark: You were a very well behaved lady from House Tully, Your parents wanted to be higher up on the ladder in Westoros and be of some importance thats why they wed you to the king of the north Robb Stark. He was very surprised when he found out not only are you a well behaved lady your also good with weapons you loved to throw knives and be that it saved your life when you were eleven years old and a peasant tried to kill you.

Bran Stark: You were only a child when you were promised to Bran Stark little did you know he was your age you've been friends with him forever since then. You belonged to House Tyrell before you met Bran. Your sister eventually married the king Tommen Baratheon and became queen of Westorors everyone thought you'd be jealous but you much preferred the life you were given being wed to Bran.

Tommen Baratheon: You were a perfect lady of House Tarth. Tommen wanted a sweet girl from a house that wasn't of the most importance for once to be part of Kingslanding and the royal family. You were very shy and always did what you were told some people used that against you.

Tyrion Lannister: You didn't quite know what house you belonged to your mother always told you it didn't matter and it wasn't worth telling you. Your childhood was mostly spent at Brothels all over Westorors wherever your mother went that's where you went eventually that led you to Tyrion.

Oberyn Martell: You belonged to House Stark before you wed Oberyn you were one of the only Starks left and in a desperate attempt to rebuild your house you seeked help from the Lannisters enemys when you joined houses with House Martell by marrying Oberyn.

Joffrey Baratheon: You belonged to house Tyrell before you were wed to the young king, but it was surly not expect. He was set to marry your sister Margaery, but he soon became enamored with you, your beauty, your intelligence, your wit. All these things drew him in and made him want more and more. So the arrangements were made and you two lives happily ever after.

Jamie Lannister: You belonged to a minor house of the north, the Reeds. The Reed didn't even come up in the Lannisters radar unless there was a war with the Starks and that's exactly how you came to be.

Khal Drogo: You didn't belong to a great house of the south, you didn't really know where you did belong. You let your past go with your marriage to keep it happy.

Ramsay Bolton: You were a very high born lady, you were a Lannister. As you grew up you became tired of your family name over shadowing you so you left for the north and stayed at inns and holdfasts until the boltons took you in, assuming you were nothing more than a peasant they put you to work. But after and and Ramsay were wed you soon told him the truth. 

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