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CONAN: What is this shit?
ME: It's another Author's Note, babe, deal with it ;)

(〃^▽^〃) | - - B o n j o u r M e s A m I e s ! - - | (〃^▽^〃)

I just want to thank you and inform you about some things in this note! There are several stuff I just want to address so I can get the opportunity to talk with you guys about Important News about I A M H I S, and other things such as Altered Update Schedules, as well as other Announcements that I might make.

O 1 | I M P O R T A N T      N E W S

So literally in about 1 Months you've helped this book reach, from 68K since 5 chapters ago, to 237K!!! Do you have any idea how much of an achievement this is! You guys even put up with me for not regularly updating as often as I should have...
                                           #   Y o u    a l l    a r e    B a e !
And yes, I want to confirm to you all that the Comments & Votes really do help out because they are my motivators to keep going! And they increase this book's visibility to other readers, so thank you! :)

I want to thank and acknowledge Five readers & Eight commenters especially for their Lasting Engagement in the story, their Funny Wit comments, their Inquisitiveness, their Romantic Silliness, and finally their Clever Spirits:

a) toytocute for Lasting Engagement
b) exploringneworlds for Funny Wits
c) THISisAbookAddict for Clever Spirits
d) DemonsTookOver for The Inquisitive Thinker
e) KOOK13MON5T3R for The Silly Romantic

a) idontknowanyusernames_blah
b) mjtjkg02
c) tessa_greying
d) ILuvIPad
e) _whats_in_the_combo_
f) StoryofaBookWorm
h) Preveli & dropdeadfread

You Thirteen really made my week, along with the sudden increase of readers!

But never be mistaken, you #all are the blood to this story, and I just want to take the time for me to say this so you know just how important you are to me!

You all are amazing, and I am glad that I have the opportunity to write for such beautiful, amazingly funny,  b a d a s s , gif-loving people like you guys!

Thank you once again!!! :)

O 2 | A L T E R E D      U P D A T E      S C H E D U A L S

I am preparing for  e x a m s  now, so unfortunately, I am going to have to lessen the updating time to just once a week, and that will always be on (double update) Friday! (No longer on weekends!...)

O 3 | A N N O U N C E M E N T S

My darlings, I just want to remind those who read I A M H I S to follow me.
F O L L O W I N G me means that you get to see direct update messages. As soon as I update a chapter, you will get a notification of I AM HIS being updated!

One more thing: 

My wrist is much better (or as better as it could be), and I can type a lot without it hurting much, so regular updates will start again! Yay!!!  
But, bad news,  I probably won't be able to do the whole title commenters thing (i.e. Best Commenter, The Inquisitive One, etc.) until my exams are done... :(  

Thanks for being so patient!  

One More One more thing:

I have been thinking about adding the categories, called, The Mentionables

Matching Name Squad (those who say their names match the names of the characters)
Best Reactions to Plot Twists
Cutest One-Time Commenter
The Linguistics (know any languages anyone *wink wink*)
Caring Mothers (some of you are just so precious and caring, luv all of yous!)

Grammar Doctors (These people are awesome because they really help me out by pointing out spelling errors, grammar mistakes, etc. And no I'm not being mean by pointing you guys out. You'd really deserve this award because if I re-write this book, it would be nice to know where to start, so thank you so much!)

What do you think? Should I?

{These Author's Notes
-- will appear every five chapters--
Enjoy the Holidays everyone! *stuffs face with cheesecake* }

Xxx - - P E A C E & L O V E - - xxX
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