What he calls you and what you call him {Nicknames-Preference}

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Jojen Reed: He calls you love personally it fits from his very attractive accent. You call him your wildling.

Jonsnow: You call him snow usually mostly to tease him. He calls you darling mostly to tease you as well because you hate being called darling.

Robb Stark: You call him your wolf. He calls you his Queen because to him you are a Queen. You are King and Queen of the North after all.

Bran Stark: You call him little lord he absolutely hates it almost as much as you hate him calling you princess.

Tommen Baratheon: He calls you beautiful. You call him handsome plain and simple.

Tyrion Lannister: He calls you love of his life. You call him your lion.

Oberyn Martell: He calls you princess to tease you but when he's not teasing he calls you pretty rose. You call him your snake.

Joffrey Baratheon: You call him your King, just as he likes. And he calls you his Queen. Just as it should be.

Jamie Lannister: You call him Kingslayer to tease him, and he calls you his little damsel in distress when he's teasing you.

Khal Drogo: You call him your sun and stars, he calls you his moon and life.

Ramsay Bolton: You call him your one and only and he calls you his little lady. But sometimes in the bedroom you call him master and he calls you pet. (wink* wink*)

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